Our history, philosophy and spiritual leaders

Our Guiding Philosophy

God’s Love is in everyone and everything because God is in our mind and heart and we are as God. Therefore an organization’s structure cannot limit God’s Love unless its members mistakenly choose to prioritize fear over Love.

An organization is always comprised of people expressing different phases of the God they are. Its success or failure reflects either its members’ level of trust in Love (God) or their degree of trust in fear (ego).

While Take Me to Truth, Inc.’s basic form (structure) must conform to the standard laws of the world, its content (willingness to listen to and act on inner Guidance) is based on God’s Laws and the deeper teachings of Jesus through A Course in Miracles.

Take Me to Truth, Inc. is committed to manifest its unlimited extension of Love and healing into the world because our members, including those in the wider community who unite with us in Spirit, will not be divided or limited by fear regardless of form. Therefore, we pledge to evolve as a living demonstration of our members’ singular devotion to God’s certain Love over fear.

History of Take Me To Truth, Inc.

Take Me To Truth, Inc. (TMTT) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and was co-founded by Nouk Sanchez and Sparo Vigil in March 2011. Nouk was strongly nudged by Spirit to create a non-profit even though she didn’t know why or really what was entailed in creating a non-profit organization. Nouk shared her vision to Sparo who immediately offered to help in whatever way necessary.

For most of 2011, Nouk began receiving and writing what would become the first volume in The End of Death trilogy. These deeper teachings of A Course in Miracles were experienced as transmissions which Nouk received subsequent to experiencing a dark night of the soul after her teaching partner, Tomas Vieira passed away in December 2010.

In the first few years of TMTT’s existence, Nouk invited a number of wonderful teachers to join with her in extending the message of A Course in Miracles including Stacy Sully, Carrie Triffet, John Mark Stroud and Sparo Vigil. In 2015, Coreen Walson joined forces with Nouk in extending these ground-breaking teachings. Coreen continues to play a significant role within TMTT Inc., in facilitating TTC online groups, live retreats and mentoring.

Of course there have been many other teachers who have shown up as board members, mighty companions and willing participants in retreats and through social media contact. TMTT has been blessed to attract a variety of inspired and devoted volunteers who keep showing up in perfect timing.

In late 2014, Nouk was blessed to reunite with soul buddy, Daniel Boissevain after a 25 year gap. Together they facilitated a truly LIFE-CHANGING one year online Total Transformation Course (TTC), which is still available and continues to transform many lives.

TMTT has lived through some necessary changes and the latest of these shifts was initiated in April 2018. We call it a miraculous upgrade. Some of our initial TTC Journey participants (yes the ones who discovered TTC is indeed life-changing!) have banded together to take TMTT, Inc. into its next epic stage of evolution. Nouk has stayed on as Spiritual Director.

TMTT’s board of directors are very devoted, hard-working individuals who are not just studying but LIVING these deeper teachings.