Tina Hunt

TTC Group Facilitator

My name is Tina Hunt. I have been an ACIM student for about 14 years. I first heard about The Course in a book by David R. Hawkins called Power vs. Force. He spoke of people being healed of illnesses by practicing The Course. At age 14 I received a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis which became quite severe and disabling when I was 33 years old. I tried every medication offered in the mainstream medical community, tried alternative modalities such as antibiotic therapies, many radical diet therapies, supplements, pain management, just about everything I could find on the internet. I was desperate. Nothing helped.

From the very beginning, I always had a deep knowing that this “dis-ease” was something I had control over. My first question to my pediatrician was “What am I doing wrong?”. Of course, he answered in a manner you’d expect; that I was not responsible for it and that people “just catch diseases” and no one knows why and that I should never think I brought this on myself. But I always knew it was completely within my control and that I was somehow causing it on some level.

I was inspired to read Law of Attraction books like the Secret, Abraham-Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsh, Louise Hay and many other new age authors. I wanted to attract good health so that my body would heal on its own using my mind. I will say that this way helped me recover much more than anything else and allowed me to return to a more normal life, but the damage done to the body was hard to ignore. This is when I was led to The Course.

At first, I tried my best to read it but I didn’t understand it very well. The prose was difficult for me and the concepts were literally out of this world. I had a hard time comprehending the ideas because they were suggesting things that seemed impossible and totally opposite to my experience. It was using terminology that repelled me, like Father, Holy Son of God, Holy Spirit, sin, Atonement, etc. It reminded me of the fire and brimstone of the Southern Baptist Church and guilt-centered Catholicism (yes, I was exposed to both). It felt very different though. It felt loving and kind, gentle and reassuring, and most of all…. TRUE. There was an undeniable Truth to it that resonated at a very deep level. I remember thinking “I am not exactly sure what this is saying, but I just know it’s absolutely true”. I continued to live a normal, worldly life while semi-practicing Course principals on a part-time basis for several years. I watched videos by Ken Wapnick, read books by Gary Renard, attended events with Regina Dawn Akers. After reading Nouk’s End of Death I felt I had a much better grasp of the concepts which allowed them to more fully settle into my mind and being. I decided to take the TTC and it was the best decision. Through it I discovered much of my unconscious self-attack and blocks to Love’s presence. It was a fast track to deep healing of false beliefs. By using the invaluable skills I learned in the TTC I am much more able to completely forgive and trust and therefore witness real miracles in my own life.

Every single day I use the tools I’ve learned in the TTC and have made a solid, unwavering commitment to repurpose my life for forgiveness knowing that is the only way we can remember Who we really are and become aware of Home. Each day I learn a little more about listening to guidance, staying in the present moment, watching the judgmental and terrifying ego thoughts, and remembering that I have a choice. I am learning to leap out in faith and transfer my trust from the little, small ego self that knows nothing to Spirit that knows everything. I very much look forward to joining with you to practice stepping back and letting Spirit lead the way. I cannot wait to see what miracles will take place! It is inevitable and it is already done. Let’s do it!