Sylvia de Moel

TTC Group Facilitator

??? “All things work together for good. There are no exceptions except in the ego’s judgment.” T4.V.1:1-2 (FIP version.)

I didn’t grow up with the bible, the church or any religion, so I wasn’t raised with God in that sense. In 2010, I learned about the Higher Power through a 12-Step program. The word God provoked enormous resistance. Seeing it as ‘Good orderly directions’ was helpful for that moment.

Just following the program was not enough for me to stay clean. After a successful admission to a clinic, however, I was not only clean, but also convinced that shifting my focus to God was (is!) my way out of the senselessness of this world. At the beginning of 2013, I therefore wanted to do more than just attend meetings where ‘Step 1’ was discussed. I didn’t want to keep focusing on the ‘problem’ but work towards the ‘solution’: knowing God.

At the time I had no idea ‘how’, but my desire turned out to be an invitation, and soon ACIM crossed my path.  My sister had already suggested that I borrow Shirley MacLaine books from her to read and now I suddenly agreed! Shirley spoke about her own spiritual path and heard a voice telling her to read ACIM. After she mentioned ACIM by name a few times, I became very curious. I looked it up on the internet, and almost immediately bought the book.

The Course evoked strong resistance in me as I began to read it, and yet deep down I knew I was going to go this way. I immediately found a meeting I could attend. I didn’t really understand what was being said, yet I knew it was true. Deep down I knew I was in the right place and I just needed to be patient. With myself and with the process.

Over the years I have followed several workshops and courses. All related to ACIM. However, I began to see that I was still trying to ‘understand’ and had difficulty ‘feeling’ what the Course refers to. And that’s what I longed for. The feeling state of peace and gratitude in my heart. That desire turned out to be an invitation again, because in the summer of 2020 Nouk came across my path through a Mighty Companion that had started attending TTC. When she told me about it, it immediately felt that I wanted to participate in that and in the fall I also started in a group.

The tools that were provided are great! They make it easier for me to apply the Course in practice. I have become so much gentler with myself and the process! And also with others, because I now know that if I am triggered, it is not because of the other person, the world or the situation. We need each other to see where the blocks to Love are, so I loved attending the meetings and joining Miracle Buddies on a weekly basis. Witnessing the process of ‘someone else’ has been very helpful to me! Very healing!

When Adam invited me to facilitate a TTC meeting with him, I said yes wholeheartedly…. and I find it exciting.

But as the Course says in T.I.1:2 (FIP version) “Teacher and pupil are alike in the learning process.” We do it together as a group, led by Him, with the goal of healing the mind and waking up from this dream of sin, guilt and fear.

I can’t think of a more rewarding use of time than that.