Susan Condon

TTC Group Facilitator

Susan Condon

Hi, I am Susan:

“Mission Statement: (excerpt from Take Me to Truth website).

Our aim is to help people recognize and undo the one cause of all suffering: the ego (aka-fear). Our intent is to empower individuals with the means to trust in their Divine Teacher within.”

The Divine Teacher within? I had always been reaching, striving, giving to get ‘out there.’ I have since come to know the Love of the One within and what it is to Live from that place. The Joy of it, must share itSelf, for that is it’s Joy!

“A quiet Mind is no small gift.” As we remove the blocks to Loves Awareness, we discover the Peace We Are. We bring our willingness and the call of our Heart. This has let us know that we are ready to Live from our Divine Teacher within. Together we share our Light with our fellows and begin to see a whole new world. A world of One!

This has been my experience and unfoldment with the TTC. We would love to join you in yours!