Stephen & Tere

TTC Group Facilitators

We are Stephen & Tere

We have been on this TTC journey since February 2016. The impact that ACIM, The End of Death, Vol. I, the on-line groups, having many Miracle-Buddies, and turning our lives over to the Holy Spirit for the journey, all the way through to Home, have turned our lives around. Oh, did we mention the increased willingness, trust, authenticity, vulnerability, radical self-honesty, accountability and gratitude that are major guideposts along the way? I (Tere) didn’t think I was up to the task, and I was willing to settle for some progress. What I found was the gentle, sweet reminders the Holy Spirit placed in front of us, like rose petals lovingly placed on the path as we bumbled along. This has been an amazing process that undoes the ego thought-system and builds trust, and gives proof, that Spirit is what we are and all else can be seen differently, for the choice we have is truly singular when viewed in contrast to worldly choices, which are many. We come to see there is only one problem, therefore, only one answer: Join in the innocence with your brothers and sisters, to eliminate the seeming gaps between us. Please join us for a year of letting go of what does not work in your life — when we make decisions on our own —, and what does work — when we decide with Holy Spirit.

With much Love,
Stephen & Tere