Skye & Benjamin

TTC Group Facilitators

I want you to know, you sweet, beautiful, innocent child, the one who is reading this, that you are here because you are answering the call within. You have taken many steps to be here. You are answering the call to experience your true Self, the Truth, the Light, the Holy Self, the Christ.

You are here to open up and allow the presence of Love within, that which of what you are, pure flowing and endless Love, to be experienced right Now, to be given, to be lived through this body while we are still here.

I am here answering that call as well, right alongside you.

As a young child I remember an experience I had where I witnessed a lost boy that was brought up on stage looking very scared, lost and alone. He was holding the hand of the Magician that had been performing on stage. As I stood there watching their hands clasped together and felt the care that this mysterious man had for this little lost boy, I felt a Love inside my heart so great that it flooded me completely and brought me to my knees in tears. The Love within me was so incredible and seemed to surround and permeate everything around me. I was touched so deeply and yet somehow as I slowly walked away into the world around me, the temptations of the Fair with all it’s sparkling colours and enticing candies, I began to feel separate from that Love, and I deeply yearned to experience that Love once again!

Herein lies the journey back to Truth.

TTC (Total Transformation Course) has come into my life through my own deep desire and willingness to remember and embody Love, the Christ. This platform of deep teachings that are shared through all of us is paramount to the dawning awareness of the Love I Am and gives me strength and courage to move away from the strangleholds of the ego illusion into Truth and Love and Freedom, the Mind of God.

Please join me, join us on this TTC journey. I am here to offer whatever it is I can extend to you as Truth. I am here to see you, to see myself, to join as the unfolding Truth together (closing the seeming gap from who we think we are to who we really are).

I am ever so grateful for all my brothers and sisters and their deep mirroring in Truth. I am grateful for that inner spark that grows brighter each day to return to Truth and I am so grateful for the willingness to undo ego mind and to embrace my Holy Self. I am grateful to receive any opportunity to extend the Love that surrounds us and is us with each and every one of you. My deepest and heartfelt gratitude to Jesus, Holy Spirit and to our Father that holds us so lovingly and tenderly in His Arms. Miracles abound!! Loving you all so much.

I invite you to sit back, close your eyes, and dive deeply into this beautiful song written and performed by Kirtana, titled “Who You Really Are”

A few years ago, a question arose in my mind: “Is this it?” It came out of living in the world of illusion (pain, fear, unworthiness, grief, guilt, etc.) for so many years that it made me question this seeming reality I was immersed in and to realize that there must be a better way to live my life. The belief in GOD has always been there for me, but it was lost in the background, pushed aside by idols. For me, this has played out by trying to find Love and Peace through relationships and using external appearances to fulfill me.

I know, because of the desire to experience my life differently, A Course In Miracles was given to me by the Holy Spirit and these deep powerful teachings from Jesus combined with a few ACIM retreats (deep joining with other brothers and sisters), I started to seriously look within. Last year Skye introduced me to Nouk Sanchez and her book “The End of Death” which is the foundation of the TTC teachings. These teachings are the laser pointers I needed to sort out what is true and what is false. Joining this wonderful deepening year long journey has helped me face my blocks to Love’s awareness, to learn how to surrender to Holy Spirit and be healed, and to uncover the Truth of what I really am. I learned that being authentic and showing up with it all is the doorway to healing the split mind and reuniting with GOD and my brothers. Forgiving my self and all my brothers and sisters was the key for me to start seeing things differently. I learned I am accountable for what I see and feel. It is not my brother’s fault. Heck, it isn’t even my fault!! We are living proof of Innocence and Perfection, Creation Itself!
All I want is the Peace of GOD. All I want is to extend this to you. I am here only to be truly helpful in remembering the One Shared Holy Self we all are through Holy Communication. I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do, because He Who sent me will direct me!
I look forward to joining in Truth with you. I know that Skye and I welcome you with the utmost humility and trust. This journey is deep and precious. Our hands are outstretched to yours. In Loving Service to Truth and Innocence. We are your brother and sister in Christ.

We look forward to joining in Truth with you. Know that we welcome you with the utmost humility and trust. This journey through the Daily Workbook lessons is deep and precious. Our hands are outstretched to yours. In Loving Service to Truth and Innocence. We are your brother and sister in Christ.