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Can you imagine the miracles?
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Welcome to the Love revolution.

We are so blessed to be perhaps the first generation that has ample opportunity to break entirely free of the egoic thought system that has generated such suffering for millennium. After over 25 years professionally involved in the healing arts as a psychotherapist, the Total Transformation Course (TTC) is the most effective tool I have ever encountered to bust out of suffering. Despite over 30 years as a seeker, there were key obstacles keeping me stuck in an endless loop of suffering. The TTC gives us concrete tools to break through any remaining blocks to Love, to knowing this as the ground of our being. Joining together with might companions worldwide, this family is dedicated to not just waking up in the dream, rather waking up from the dream entirely and knowing ourselves as the Love that we are. We are restored to our own inherent innocence through a very specific tool of forgiveness that includes discovering our problems are not real. We move beyond the appearance of anxiety, depression, fear and scarcity to our innate spaciousness, our vastness. This radical forgiveness process is the key to permanently exiting the egoic thought system to return to the indwelling peace and joy that we are.

Life long anxiety pushed me on to the spiritual journey very young. I literally went around the world twice, once in each direction, seeking to find myself and a way out of suffering. I came across “A Course In Miracles” yet only got truly involved when my suffering escalated. I also began studying “A Way of Mastery” and more recently, “A Course of Love.” My intention has always been to know mySelf and all I encounter as Love. No small task! I finally accessed self love some years ago, which was my powerful intention for so long. Raising a now teenage daughter was a great motivator to move out of the anguish of special relationships to the tangible joy of holy relationship. Moving from a conflicted relationship to one of joy, harmony and willingness to allow others “in to me see,” intimacy has been one of the greatest adventures and celebrations of my life, much more so then world travels. To now have such Love be my more frequent companion is the great motivator, rocket fuel for the awakening. Along the way I became a licensed psychotherapist and a Practitioner of Cellular Memory Release which has allowed me to dump toxicity from my own cellular memory and finally moved me beyond the plague of anxiety and overwhelm. I vowed if I ever got beyond the crippling anxiety that dominated most of my life, I would do what I could to support others in also getting free. Working with clients to show them the open door of the prison is one of my greatest delights. Through my own experience with the TTC, I have discovered this as the fastest way to exit the egoic thought system entirely. It has allowed me to access my True Self in a way I previously was unable to because the obstacles of guilt, specialness, co-dependency and neediness blocked me. Deepening my Trust has been another gift of the TTC that inspires me to continue to dive deeper into the previous hidden blocks ego throws up, entering a Love without opposite.

During this last year I rediscovered my own innocence, and am slowly recognizing innocence in all I meet. I became willing to be even more transparent, vulnerable and honest. Recently the awareness that there truly is only one problem and not the millions I used to make up has been one of the greatest gifts of the TTC. To know beyond the level of thought that the only problem of separation has already been solved is a true miracle. We are then able to stop making problems real and trying to fix them at the form level. This relieves oodles of anguish.

A huge miracle is discovering a world wide family of like hearted people committed to the same vision. To enter holy relationships with others equally committed to the goal of seeing only innocence is huge paradigm shift. Of course I want to share the joy. What a ride! If you are ready to leave behind suffering, come climb aboard!

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