Next Level Of Trust
Daniel & Coreen
Can you imagine the miracles?
Step into your God-given power to manifest limitless miracles in our lives!
Daniel Boissevain and Coreen Walson will co-facilitate this program. The “Next Level of Trust” (NLT) Classes are inspired and guided by Jesus. He told Daniel – “It’s time to go further and deeper, to anchor our trust in Love without fear.” This is the transfer of trust from fear and self-doubt, to the absolute security of knowing the changeless Love we are.
Our “Next Level of Trust” program helps us to recognize and accept the real source of peace, trust, honesty, defenselessness, mindfulness, presence, and Love as the one, shared Holy Self. These attributes hold us as we move closer toward the “eye of the needle.” This is the transfer required from being identified as the ego’s false and divided body-self, to knowing and living out from our unopposed, and innocent Holy Self.
These “Next Level of Trust” sessions encourage us to completely drop the past and move gently towards the light of Truth, Love, and peace. The false body concept, along with its special relating must be divinely re-purposed in order to move more freely toward recognizing the Love we are.
There are certain steps we need to take, and thankfully, many valuable tools to use in this undoing and re-learning phase. Sorting out Truth from the ego’s lies about what we are, requires us to learn the art of True relating. We will learn how to really “show-up” for our Self, and with others via practicing

The Seven Key Principles of Holy Relationship.

We also practice leading small groups to further develop our trust levels, arriving at a place of peace and surrender. These classes offer miraculous stepping stones to detach and go beyond the body and its limitations.
If you truly want peace above all else, come spend a few hours with us in one of these transformative NLT classes. Experience what it’s like to move beyond the form of the body with its appetites for constant distraction apart from peace and Love.
Ego wants conflict, drama, and suffering. NLT classes are about finding resolution and peace above all else! The Mantra for NLT Classes is “Learning to Show-up” no matter what! Showing up is the key to receiving the Divine Exchange – from ego to Holy Self.
We cannot access this “Divine Exchange” without first understanding and engaging in the truth and power behind learning to “Show-up.” You are Heaven on Earth, not in a body, or the belief in a body and its senses, but rather through the practice of “Showing-up” and being a living demonstration of the Holy authentic Self.

BY DONATION: These NLT classes are by donation.

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