Judy Benton

TTC Group Facilitator

Hi, I am Judy

All the spiritual paths that I have walked have lead me to this beautiful place in the TTC which has transformed my life by bringing me more Peace than I have ever known.
I accumulated a lot of guilt in a family that did not communicate effectively. Although I know they loved me, I realized early on that there had to be more to life. I had an inner longing to know a better way, to truly join with others and connect with my Holy Self.
One of the gifts the TTC has given me is a wonderful relationship with my miracle buddy who I join with on a regular basis and has been with me since the beginning, going on three years. The most beautiful gift I have received is a much deeper relationship with the One who can truly help me and who will walk beside me at all times.
The TTC is an opportunity to join with others who are now my family and who are now practicing real, authentic communication using the 7 key Principles of Holy Relationship which is a major teaching in the TTC.

With much Love,
Judy Benton