Bob Mooney

2023 ACIM Daily Lesson Reflections


Hi, I’m Bob

Hello brothers and sisters, I grew up on a dairy farm in upstate New York, where our family had over 100 milking cows. I worked very hard, as there were always chores to do (milking cows, cutting corn & oats, bringing in the hay, etc..). I belonged to the Methodist church, attended church every Sunday, although I never considered myself very religious, but enjoyed singing in the choir. My mom was a music teacher, so my sisters and I all sang in the chorus (church, and high school), played an instrument in the school band, and took piano lessons. I bless my mom for showing me how important music is, and I continue to sing in various choral groups, and have played in band groups throughout my adult life.

After High School I joined the Navy and was stationed aboard 2 ships, as a radarman (on the USS Ainsworth – DE 1090), and later as an electronic warfare tech (on the USS Coronado – LPD 11). I always have been a person who likes to travel, learn new things, and meet new people, so this seemed perfect. It was while I was on watch on the first ship, that I talked to a guy about metaphysics, new age, and other ways of thinking that I wasn’t familiar with. This totally fascinated me, and I knew I needed to know more. As a result, I attended many churches in the Virginia Beach area, constantly searching for more information but never finding any. So, I decided to just put it aside and let it go.

I left the Navy in 1980, after 8 years of service, and attended Old Dominion University, majoring in Business Administration. During this time, I met a lady named Melody who told me about a church I might be interested in. I jumped at the chance of possibly finding a church that seemed true. The church was Unity of Tidewater, and knew it was what I was looking for at the time. I also met my wife to be (Mary) and we were married at the church in 1991. We had many common interests and did many spiritual things together including reading and listening to spiritual teachers, Yoga retreats, JinShinDo acupressure, and Sufi gatherings.

To my surprise, in 2013 my wife passed, and I was devastated and alone. But at the same time, it was interesting that she seemed guided to buy a lot of Eckhart Tolle DVDs and CDs just before she passed, as if she was buying them just for me, which I believe she was. I also believe her time here in the illusion was complete, and she wanted me to have these.

In March of 2014, four months after my wife passed, which I was still recovering from, I met another lady named Maureen who led me to the Course. I became hooked, reading and listening to various teachers such as: Ken Wapnick, Gary Renard, David Hoffmeister, Maureen Muldoon, and now Nouk & Coreen. This literally changed my life and I found great peace in finding answers to problems in the illusion, such as my wife’s death which I once viewed as “normal in life”, but still hard to believe, feeling attacked from the outer world, and unworthiness issues. Now I know I’m not crazy and feel great comfort by having miracle buddies and listening to the Holy Spirit, my inner Self.

I look forward to joining in Truth through the Daily Workbook Lessons, which are deep and precious. In Loving Service in Truth and Innocence your brother in Christ.