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The Aramaic Lord’s Prayer

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Our Spirit-inspired musical interpretation of The Aramaic Lord’s Prayer.

Composed and arranged by Steve Wood and sung by Sparo Vigil, this beautiful prayer holds immense power, touching hearts with its simple purity and Truth.


Abwoon d’bwashmaya
Nethqadash shmakh
Teytey malkuthakh
Nehwey sebyanach aykanna d’bwashmaya aph b’araha.
Habwlan lachma d’sunqanan yaomana.
Washboqlan khaubayn aykanna daph khnan shbwoqan l’khayyabayn.
Wela tahlan l’nesyuna ela patzan min bisha.
Metol dilakhie malkutha wahayla wateshbukhta l’ahlam almin.

Guided Interpretation

by Nouk Sanchez and Sparo Vigil © 2015

O’ Holiest of Holies, my Beloved Creator and Source of all-encompassing Love and Life with no opposite.
I am purified for your Divine Presence by my belief in the certain power of your Love and healing.
Through this purification, I deny anything not of your Love the power to harm me.
I open my heart and mind to receive and embody your Loving Will.
As I receive your Loving Will into my heart, I accept it as my own True Will.
Through my acceptance, I invoke your Will for Love and Life with no opposite
to be made manifest within me as Heaven on Earth.
With undivided trust in your Love, I willingly receive your consistent Guidance.
As I forgive myself for unconsciously using others to hurt me, my innocence is restored.
Because I accept my own guiltlessness, I see the innocence in all.
I remember we are all One.
In trusting your infinite Love and healing as unopposed Truth,
I am delivered from the temptation to believe in fear’s many false appearances.
I embrace your Loving Will for me and my heart sings every moment with the greatest Gratitude and Joy
for the eternal, consistent Love and Life you share with me and all creation.