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Have you had enough suffering?
If you say yes, you are ready to embody the radiance of the Divine Mind, the Christ.

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6 month journey to end suffering & develop trust

“There is no form of suffering that can not be exchanged for the miracle of healing”

– EOD Volume 1

What is EOD Book Study?

The End of Death – Rite of Passage, Volume One: The Development of Trust

Through Nouk’s book, The End of Death, Volume One: The Development of Trust, we are guided through our rite of passage as we are immersed in the deeper teachings of Jesus in A Course In Miracles. We exhume the deeply hidden and unconscious storehouse of guilt and fear that is held in the split mind and used by the ego thought system to end all and any opportunities of awakening the Son of GOD, the Christ, in this lifetime, in this body, here in the world, now!

Homework is voluntary yet highly recommended. As with anything you do, the more you put in, the more you get out.

Come join this awakening journey and answer the call of your heart. Your presence blesses us All.

Why this Program?

The intent behind our EOD online meetings is to offer a safe, Loving and supportive environment where we interact with a community of like-minded people who are equally committed to end suffering & develop turst.

Experience Transformation

In our safe and supportive EOD groups, you will be shown how and provided opportunities to transform every aspect of your life. From relationships to finances, health & abundance, to discovering your God appointed function and end suffering for yourself & others.

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Our easy to navigate, sign-up process will have you quickly enrolled in the EOD Book Study. Bearing in mind that there are beginners to the internet process, we have taken every step to make our website user friendly with access to assistance only a click away!

Personal Support and Mentoring

From technical assistance with the website, making donations, to personal mentoring for extra support when struggling with a specific topic or implementation of the materials provided, you will always have access to the help and support you need.

Attend From Wherever you are

This 12 month Course is held online through software called ‘Zoom’ (www.zoom.us). In order to attend you will need a smartphone, tablet or computer with working speakers and camera and that can run this software. Your facilitator will explain further how to navigate Zoom and help you with any connectivity issues once you have enrolled.

End Suffering & Develop Trust

We don’t trust God…

We may think we do! But when we dare to look deeply into our own unconscious mind, we’ll be shocked to learn what we really believe about God and thus, about Self and world. “The End of Death, Volume One: The Development of Trust” is a clear and uncompromising beacon that illuminates our current predicament, as well as the steps required in our journey home to God. These are the deeper teachings of A Course in Miracles…

Through Nouk’s book, The End of Death, Volume One: The Development of Trust, we are guided through our rite of passage as we are immersed in the deeper teachings of Jesus in A Course In Miracles.

In our joined commitment to Know Thyself, we come together inviting the Holy Spirit to transform our lives. We take the same powerful vow that Nouk and Tomas promised each other. This commitment will take each and every one of us to the eternal and changeless Perfect Love that abides within.


The Miracle of Death and Resurrection
During the winter of 2012-2013, I listened, as my brother, Mick, was slipping into the deep abyss of depression. A place I knew well as I had spent much time in my own personal black hole, but was now gracefully emerging from, by following the deeper teachings of ACIM by Nouk and Tomas. Mick had been following a different path for many years, but we were both looking for the same thing…sustained happiness. I invited him to attend a Know Thyself Retreat with me in Santa Fe, with Nouk, Stacy and Sparo, in May 2013. He was intrigued with what I had begun to embody. On the third morning, Mick asked Nouk to explain the difference between a metaphorical and a literal miracle.

When she finished, he said: Well, I want to experience a literal miracle. He put his head back and began to snore and at first I thought he was being his usual smart-ass self, and making fun of her. It became apparent quite quickly that this was something much more serious. Several participants immediately began CPR, until the para-medics arrived. Mick then died. I was holding onto his leg and fell into a deep deep grief as my thoughts went to his beautiful wife, Nicole, and 6 children.

One of the participants came and led me to a group. She insisted I join in the Atonement with her. As I did, I began to notice that the entire room was doing the Atonement, led by Nouk. My entire world completely altered as I left my thinking/ego mind, and entered the Christ Mind. Twenty-five minutes after his death, Mick resurrected. It was at that point that I realized that my “grieving thoughts” were actually hurting my brother. I have never had one since.

It has now been 10 months since that time. Mick has returned, somewhat, with no memory of the past. He has had to be retrained to know his family, walk, read, etc. He lives in the now moment only, and continues re-training as an out patient in Switzerland, three times a week. Our Mom, Ellie, visited him in November and was hugely impacted by the love that he has become. There is no trace of all the old bitterness, prejudices, hatred that once consumed him.

I will visit him for two weeks in May. I am constantly guided to communicate with him, through State of Mind and part of the guidance is to be with him during the anniversary of his resurrection. I have no agenda for where this is all headed, and that is a very freeing way to live. My only job is to Love Mick. I have also been witness to the healing miracles of Fawna, Calico and one other cancer participant at the Retreats. It says somewhere in ACIM (and I am paraphrasing) that if miracles are not occurring, something is amiss. That is true, and Nouk is correct, it is literal. And that is now what it feels like, miracles appearing everywhere, and they are the most natural thing in the world.

Thank you.

I love you.

Sally MacKenzie Dubel

A miracle of unshakable peace…
In 2012, after months of ‘cold’ symptoms, doctors visits and one after another alternative treatments I was finally diagnosed with a full sinus of cancer. The entire sinus cavity was filled, so much so that it had broken through the roof of my mouth and was coming out of my nose (this visual was the point when I demanded someone to look at this). I was diagnosed on a Thursday and after some cursing one of my first emails was to Nouk Sanchez.

I had been studying the course for years and had had the joy of meeting Nouk and Tomas after loving “Take Me To Truth”. Little did I know that when I emailed Nouk she was in the midst of writing this book and I would have access to this leading edge information. You might think, why did you not apply Course principals right from the beginning? Believe me, I did, but there were misinterpretations, some distortions that my work with Nouk and Stacy cleared up.

The Friday after diagnosis I had a phone session of embodiment with Stacy, this was good Friday 2012. (full story in my blog http://www.fawnabews.blogspot.ca) On Easter Sunday my sister in law said “You look better and the tumour looks smaller” I was glad she said so, I thought so too. What I saw in my session with Stacy and in the questions and principals that I heard from Nouk was an unconscious death wish- a type of “What the hell am I doing here and how do I get out?”.

I continued using these principals throughout chemotherapy and radiation- applying the atonement prayer and other tools with one miracle after another. I know that my mind was healed in that embodiment session, I continued with treatments, as I am developing faith in the truth of my safety, with the same concept of ‘effects can’t have effects’. After my first chemo I didn’t have side effects, I got better and stronger with each treatment, contrary to what others had experienced. These outer signs were exciting but the Miracle was in the Peace that I had throughout, a stable peace that was not shaken by treatment/no treatment, in hospital or out, etc.

After 3 chemotherapy sessions (6 were initially suggested) I was cancer free. As life has moved forward there have been some serious life changes, but the steady peace remains, a happiness that is not dependent on ‘outside’ sources. I use the atonement prayer when this wobbles and I am aware of the righting of my mind. The application as Nouk teaches works, the embodiment is a gift I would wish on you all. Thank You Nouk and Stacy, Tomas and Sparo for bringing this forward and Carrie and Steve for helping to bring Heaven to Earth.



For Ever and Eternally Grateful!
It would be impossible to talk of the Miracles that have erupted from my relationship to Nouk Sanchez and her teachings, related in ‘The End of Death’….My first meeting of Nouk was at one of her retreats in 2012. Up until that point my studies in ACIM had been all metaphorical… This is Not What Nouk was Teaching and WHAT A BLESSING THAT WAS!!!! At the time I was in a foreclosure that I was able to address literally. I forgave Chase Manhatten Bank my self and Everything else involved with it, because I CREATED the LESSON….

So By the time I was on a roll to accept all ‘out there’ as My Creation…. I was diagnosed with Stage IV, Grade 3, Ovarian Cancer that had metastasized… Nouk became a constant Phone Friend. Now this was back when Nouk was available by phone and email… this is no longer possible… So I suggest as I am also doing at this point… find Folks that are Studying ACIM as LITERAL… There are many Teachers out there at this point (Lisa Natoli, David Hoffmeister, Jayem for examples).

Any way, back to ‘the story’, I Heard Her WORDS. It Landed as TRUTH. And I had no idea of how to go about it…. I remember early on mentioning to a Hospice nurse…. “I cannot die from cancer… I am Clear about the logistics…. And I haven’t a Clue how to go about it.!!!”… I remember thinking at the time… “I sound absolutely, positively Insane!”…. And Nouk would hold my hand through “scrambled egg brain land”… I read ALL her posts from her blog from “The End of Dying”. I might point out that each needs to really be gone over several times, as they fluff up as you LEARN, I call this Holographic Writing… and slowly, slowly… things started to change. I ‘graduated hospice’ in November of 2013. I went from ‘loosing days to a death like sleep, waking to massive fear of what day it was….” To now walking 2 miles, 5 times a week, and putting money into some expensive dental stuff I was needing and not going to get while in a ‘dying conversation’…. I am making plans with God… I Get the Power of ACIM.

And my first 18 years of studying it did not even scratch the surface… I was doing the Metaphorical version… I am Now Only Playing the Game of Literal God and Literal Miracles. I Thank God for Nouk’s Clarity to put this Message on Paper and My Willingness to Receive it… Thank You Noukie… For Ever and Eternally Grateful!!!

Calico Hickey

What you’ll learn

6 months of ending suffering & developing trust

  • The Split mind – what it is and why we chose it
  • Fear and guilt – foundation of the dream and ego’s “life” line
  • The nature and Will of God
  • All healing, including physical, is within consciousness
  • All defenses are fear of God as Love
  • Death is the central idol of the dream of separation
  • How we transcend the belief in death once and for all
  • Transcending the body by repurposing what we use it for
  • Why innocence is the answer to awakening from the dream
  • Undoing the ego/fear once and for all through forgiveness

approximately 6 months

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