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Photo by Rikki Vieira

Photo by Rikki Vieira

Everything we do through the ego is idle wishing with the ego and it’s all done from fear. It is joining with illusion to further illusions and in reality, nothing happens except suffering. Although we may see many things and experience a vast range of emotions, nothing real occurs because unknowingly, we have abandoned ourselves while we believed and lived out from the ego’s perception. All betrayal and abandonment arises from our first deserting our Self, our true Self. No one and nothing could possibly harm us if we stayed present to our Holy Self.

We can return to our Self in any instant we desire our perception healed. The Atonement or true healing transpires in our willingness to join with Love in an instant of the absence of fear. For that instant, we surrender the ego. In the moment we choose to exchange fear for God’s Love, we release the ego’s will and we join in Love to will with God. We choose God in that instant. In consciously choosing Love, we join with God’s Will and strengthen it in our awareness and experience.

Just to recap, God Will’s our perfect joy, Love, abundance, health and healing. God’s Will is our own true Will because it is our Holy Self’s Will. All there is in reality is God’s Will yet we seem to see and experience something very different here in the ego’s dream. We see and feel pain, loss, conflict, confusion, disease and death. But in the bigger picture, we always see exactly what we want to see and experience. And most of this is unconscious until we exhume the ego’s thought system. As Jesus says in the Course, “When you want only love you will see nothing else.” T-12.VII.8:8 Although it certainly doesn’t feel like it at times, we suffer because we choose to. It still has value for us through the ego.

It’s a bit like tuning into a particular TV station, the doom and gloom station. When you’re watching it 24 hours a day all your life, even within your dreams while your asleep, you will believe that it’s true. Through the ego, we are glued to that one station. We have no idea that there is a big beautiful, safe, forgiven and forgiving world out there, because in truth, this awesome world is part of our inner landscape. Jesus calls it the Real World. It’s already here in our Right Mind living simultaneously beside the ego’s world we appear to see. And this Real World is realized in our experience by systematically taking all our judgments and suffering to Spirit in exchange for forgiveness, the miracle. Note: for the full forgiveness/Atonement process, click on this link

God’s Reality is all there is. Perfection already exists. Healing has already happened. The Real World is already here. Jesus already overcame all our suffering and all our karma. And he overcame death through his resurrection. God’s Will is already complete. God’s Will does not waiver. We do not have to wait for God’s Will. It is already done. Rest deeply in this truth. Your only responsibility is to wholeheartedly accept and receive this healing.

The only reason we seem to see and experience suffering, and the only reason we don’t see immediate miracles, is because we don’t yet believe in God’s Love as our Self. We see ourselves apart from perfect Love and innocence. We still trust the ego’s self-evaluation and its reality more than God’s, therefore our own self-doubt delays the miracle’s perfect immediacy.

God’s Will for us is perfect joy with no interruption and no opposition. This is God’s Will and it is already done! Even if you have not yet experienced this, then at least you can begin with an intellectual appreciation for what I’m trying to explain. All there is, is God’s Love. Therefore if we experience or see anything apart from this then we are delusional. And we further our delusion when we believe it and attempt to problem-solve independently apart from Spirit.

In effect, we have placed a veil of terror over the truth of God’s Reality. This veil is the ego world we seem to see. And when we see something that upsets us in the veil, what do we do? Do we remember that it’s just a veil and look beyond it to join with the brilliant light of God’s Love and healing? Or do we join with the darkened images in the veil by trying to heal or fix them using other images within the same veil of terror?

God’s Reality is all that exists. The rest is illusion. In any present moment we can invoke the miracle effortlessly. No preparation is necessary except the heartfelt desire to exchange our fearful perception for Love. In fact there is nothing more that we can do! Anything more than this will be the ego. The ego thrives on action and control. It dies in surrender to Love.

The Atonement is an instant of deep, trusting surrender into Love and trust. In this instant fear and guilt do not exist, so the problem falls away as God’s Reality is now free to be revealed in our awareness. We join with God’s Reality in this instant, and what was previously perceived as two, now becomes one. For in this instant the false-self falls away and we become the God Self. God’s perfect Will is our perfect Will. In that instant, our defense against God’s Love and healing is laid aside and we join with our own True Will. In this miracle, all healing transpires. The miracle is not under the laws of time; it transcends it. That is why all miracles are already here waiting for us to receive them. In the following quote Jesus tells us quite specifically that Atonement heals with certainty, and cures all sickness. It does so because it undoes the guilt that is the one cause of all forms of suffering.

“Atonement heals with certainty, and cures all sickness.” W-140.4:1

In the Holy Instant that we release ourselves into the Atonement, we open to receive what is already there in God’s Reality. The veil of terror is pierced. Our willingness to accept and receive totally disarms the ego’s defense against God’s Love and closes the imaginary gap that was the cause of our suffering. NOTE: here is a very helpful guided meditation taken from my Audio Book version. It is titled, “WILLING WITH GOD”. Go to the “Audio Material” section: https://nouksanchez.com/resources/supplemental-materials-the-end-of-death/

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