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How will we ever literally know and therefore demonstrate that we ARE the embodied Christ Mind and NOT the body, while we continue to choose to believe we can be victimized by phenomena we made as an attack on God (as the Holy Self)?

In this ego dream we made it appear as if EFFECTS (pain, sickness, loss, scarcity, conflict, death, etc) are CAUSES in themselves. We gave power to what we made in an attempt to prove that:

1. We ARE victims of the world we see

2. Though our own suffering we (unknowingly) demonstrate to self and others the “value and results” of guilt and attack and the subsequent punishment others too must suffer

3. The body is more powerful than the mind that made it. This is funny! 😉

4. Fear is more powerful than Love

5. Ego’s laws are more powerful than God’s Laws

6. Death can overcome eternal Life (Life in and AS God is eternal)

Through accepting the Atonement as our purpose, the dream we made is reversed in all ways. Mind is the only CAUSE and when the mind is completely aligned with/in Love, God’s Laws must prevail over all ego laws. Effect and cause are reversed – literally. The Real World or happy dream reflects the following:

1. We are NOT victims of the world we see. To the contrary, phenomena (world) cannot attack because we finally accept 100% responsibility for all that we our self made or miscreated (without judgment). We recognize and accept fully that the mind as cause cannot attack, so there can be no real effects (pain, sickness, death, etc.) of attack that remain unhealed. This is what Jesus demonstrated in healing the sick and raising the dead, and why he urges us to do the same. Only Love is real. All else is UNreal.

2. If I defend myself I am attacked. So I now choose to be defenseless. Withdrawing my many defenses against attack debilitates it. Attack is no longer valued therefore it literally has no power. Effects, once their CAUSE (guilt making the belief that mind/body/world can attack) has been removed, cannot be causes in themselves. Hence all SYMPTOMS of illusory attack disappear. There is no hierarchy of illusions and once this is really KNOWN then we will DEMONSTRATE that there is literally “no order of difficulty in miracles.” There is not one FORM of illusion that will withstand the miracle.

3. Through our own healing and the healing of others, we witness/demonstrate to self and others the “value and results” of guiltlessness/innocence. Innocence IS invulnerability – literally. We teach others of their innocence. We teach that attack is powerless.

4. We teach by demonstration that the MIND is more powerful than the body/world.

Recall what Jesus teaches: “Death is the central dream from which all illusions stem.” … “Death is the symbol of the fear of God.”(M-27.3:1,3) All illusions (that means ALL illusions) rest on our most obsessive defense against embodying our Holy Self – death. If death is real there is no God. If God is real there is no death. While death is believed to be more powerful than God’s Love we will continue to play at suffering instead of with joy. We use physical death as an escape from awakening to our power in and AS the Christ here and now; all to perpetuate the ego’s false self along with its cycle of birth/death. Jesus resurrected to witness to our resurrection. We do this through accepting the Atonement every moment we are tempted to believe in “appearances” that we can be victimized by seeming phenomena that we made up. There is no death. Death is not an exit; it’s an unknowing bypass to avoid claiming the innocence, the power and the invulnerability of our Holy Self, the I AM.

The world is not left by death but by Truth. We won’t know that the body is NOT real while we still believe it is either sustained or victimized by seeming phenomena. When we really KNOW and DEMONSTRATE that the body cannot be victimized, we will also know THAT THE BODY IS NOT REAL, that it depends entirely on the minds command. And this is when we can lay the body aside. As Jesus’ tells us, “It is not sick nor old nor hurt.” Of course not, because as an EFFECT only it cannot cause sickness, aging or death (as an EFFECT only, the body cannot cause its own healing either). Only the Christ Mind as Cause heals the body.

In conclusion, if death is the central dream that spawns all suffering; simply another fictitious dream of the ego, then the place and time for our awakening is HERE and NOW.  We cannot transcend the body or death by dying. Where else but IN the body will we transcend the body and the ego’s central dream of death? To read more about these principles, read/listen to bestseller, The End of Death. Here are some excerpts that may be helpful:

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