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From The End of Death, Volume Two

I recognize I am wrong-minded as soon as I’m triggered by something. This is the immediate sign that I need to exchange my wrong perception for the Atonement. Often, when I’m confused by my misperception or an appearance of adversity, I will take a few moments to drop in to my heart center and look at my confusion or fear with Holy Spirit.

For me, looking with Holy Spirit means to be present to my Self in that moment. And I can only be present to my Holy Self when I am willing to show-up for my Self without judgment of any kind. There may be emotion, there may be frustration but in that moment I choose to suspend judgment of what I am feeling.

If I can just allow the emotion to run its course while observing it without judgment, I find that it will always lead to release and a shift. However this also involves being alert to any (ego) stories that I’m telling myself about it.  If I am looking at the seeming problem or emotion and there are any judgments or self-judgments then I’m looking with the ego, with fear; and no healing takes place.

When I am willing to take a moment to sit within and to silence all judgment then from that Sacred space the miracle of healing arises. It happens because I have invited the conditions for it to transpire; I am in a receptive state so I can then ACCEPT the perceptual correction from Love itself. This is the Atonement.

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