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A Manual for Holy Relationship - The End of Death, Volume 2; copyright 2020
I had asked to see quantum forgiveness in another way, perhaps a more simplistic way. And I was shown that True forgiveness begins with my sincere willingness to DISBELIEVE whatever it may be that has seemed to upset me. It might be a person, physical pain or illness, past abuse, or scarcity issues, etc. The real question is, “Am I willing to disbelieve that this person, this body, this situation or this issue is the cause of my loss of peace?” “Am I willing to disbelieve that my problem is never where I appear to see it?”

Once I express my willingness to drop my own judgment about whom or what has caused my suffering then I am open to a divine correction in my perception (the Atonement). In that moment I have effectively relinquished my attachment to the fake cause of my discomfort. This will be what the body’s senses together with memory of the past have reported as the cause of my anguish. Remember the body’s senses are used by the false self to perpetuate guilt, fear and separation.

God does not authorize suffering in any form. God’s Will and Nature is unequivocal Love, innocence, joy and healing. God’s Love as Who we are… is all there is. God and suffering are mutually exclusive. The presence of one excludes the other. He does not will the impossible and when we seem to experience pain, illness, abandonment or betrayal, etc., as real as they may appear, we are merely sensing the illusory manifestations of our own un-relinquished and unconscious guilt.

So in my expression of willingness to drop my own judgment of the cause of my loss of peace, I am giving Spirit my heartfelt consent to take away the unconscious guilt (fear) that was the sole cause of the particular problem that I unknowingly manifested.

Now, without my fabricated judgments as the believed cause of my distress, I am open to receive the miracle. My mind and heart are clear to allow Spirit to completely REINTERPRET and REPURPOSE my beliefs, values and experience. And this always brings the gift of True healing.

My judgments consistently act as strong defenses against receiving the miracle. And this is why I need to forfeit my own beliefs about the seeming causes of adversity in the body and the world because those beliefs hide the liberating Truth which is that they all stem from my un-forgiveness.

And lastly, once we hand over our own false judgment about the cause of suffering then we can wholeheartedly ACCEPT the miracle in exchange for our previously valued judgment. This is accepting the Atonement, the correction of error in our mind. This is an act of RECEIVING. We don’t need to do anything except to receive this blessing of certainty from Spirit. And the good news is that as we decide to accept this divine correction in our mind it eventually transfers to everyone and everything we perceive including the body, the past, the world and all our relationships.

NOTE: For the Forgiveness/Atonement Process go to: https://nouksanchez.com/nouks-blog/the-seven-essential-principles-of-quantum-forgiveness/

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