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There is a fundamental distinction between the deeper teachings of Jesus in A Course in Miracles, and other non-duality teachings. In the Course, we’re given two fundamental pillars which largely underpin our healing journey as we return from debilitating fear to all-inclusive Love. These are 1) God’s Truth, comprising absolute divine metaphysics and 2) Divine, perfect Love which is fearless, changeless and all-encompassing. When we consciously bring God’s pillars of Truth and Love together and live out from them, we will realize and demonstrate that there is indeed no order of difficulty in miracles. When divine Love and absolute Truth are brought together, they literally harness the power and presence of God, here in the dream.

Jesus leads us toward the Laws of God as opposed to the laws of this world, and gives us very specific metaphysical principles to follow which are all based on this one: “The opposite of Love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” T-2.in.2:2-4

Perceiving from a split mind however, we erroneously believe that fear is equally as real as Love; an impossible investment in two diametrically opposed thought systems, one of which does not even exist. While we value separation, we will continue looking outward from a filter of fear and persist in trusting the body’s five senses and its distorted memory. Yet the body and everything its so called senses report prevents us from recognizing changeless and perfect Love.

The Laws of God are inextricably fused with the perfect Love of God. The only part of our Mind, of our being, that is real, is the part we share with God. This is our Holy Self, the Son of God which we share with all Children of God. This sane part of our Mind is always in direct communication with God, with perfect Love, and dwells eternally under the Laws of God.

Understanding this, it stands to reason that our sane Mind, being only Love, is also in a state of uninterrupted communication with all our brothers. Only changeless Love can be communicated because it is the complete absence of fear. Contrary to what we believe, fear cannot be communicated. Fear breaks true communication.

This unceasing transmission of Love between our brothers and God is eternal. However, our awareness of this undivided communion and its profound healing is broken when we misidentify our self and others as a body.

“The ego uses the body for attack, for pleasure and for pride. The insanity of this perception makes it a fearful one indeed. The Holy Spirit sees the body only as a means of communication, and because communicating is sharing it becomes communion. Perhaps you think that fear as well as love can be communicated; and therefore can be shared. Yet this is not so real as it may appear. Those who communicate fear are promoting attack, and attack always breaks communication, making it impossible. Egos do join together in temporary allegiance, but always for what each one can get [separately.] The Holy Spirit communicates only what each one can give to all.” T-6.V.A.5:3-10

While we still prefer to project our fear (guilt) onto others, the body, the past and the world, instead of forgiving our projections – we block the Love that heals our perception and our experience. And how do we recognize when we are projecting? How do we identify the moment that we actively block Love? The answer is the instant we are triggered. That moment is when we actually believe the temptation of fear (guilt) or blame.

Absolutely nothing that happens to us is random. Everything that we react to arises from our own largely unconscious desire for it. Our mind always projects what we desire to perceive, either positive or negative. Projection makes perception. Unforgiveness always projects more suffering and separation. Our own unforgiven projections make up all our triggers in whatever form they seem to take.

Only the insane part of the mind believes what it itself projected, and then proceeds to judge, condemn or problem-solve its own delusion apart from Holy Spirit; and apart from the miracle that would heal the very cause of its appearance. The ego is terrified to have us forgive our self for having believed in its own projections.

There is no order of difficulty in miracles and there is no hierarchy of fear. All fear, together with its numerous “appearances” at the form level, is equally illusory. The miracle heals them all with equal ease because their source – as an imaginary opponent of God – does not exist. This is an immutable Law of God. To help us gain access to the pillar of God’s Truth, in the earlier stages of our transfer from fear to Love, there is a gradual unlearning of the distorted principles of the ego thought system.

When we commit to dive a little deeper into the Course’s teachings we begin to replace the ego’s untruth, its beliefs and values, with God’s pillar of Truth. His Laws and metaphysical principles are intellectually assimilated at first. Mental practice or mind training is a very necessary component which purifies and prepares the mind for God’s second pillar – the experience of changeless Love. This is the actual experience of union, of the changeless Love which completely subsumes the false self.

Jesus revealed to me that both Truth and Love are the pillars of God, and are necessarily required for miracle workers to be consistent. For us to absolutely “know” there is no order of difficulty in miracles, with unwavering and consistent conviction and demonstration as Jesus did, we must embody an advanced understanding and comprehensive acceptance of the Course’s pillars, Truth and Love.

Advancing in our development of trust, we enter periods of “contrast learning” which can be quite disorienting and painful, but with Holy Spirit, these are helpful to teach us how to sort out the valuable from the valueless. Previously, through the ego, we had no idea what was in our own best interests.

At some point in our transfer of trust from fear to Love, we come to realize the unbearable burden and cost of special relating as fearful love. Special relating is a form of attack, thus it breaks true communication which would have resulted in the experience of Love and healing. In special, conditional relationships there is mutual consent to giving false value, witness and reality to the destructive idols in the gap, instead of forgiving them.

In the special relationship the body’s physical-sense testimony governs all, literally attempting to substitute for God. Since those involved in special relating are unable or unwilling to make a clear distinction between the real and the unreal, between what is of God and what is of the ego, they invariably fall into the trap of trying to forgive that which they have made real. Yet it’s impossible to forgive an illusion once they’ve made it real in their perception.

Whomever and whatever is not completely forgiven (believed as real) is stored as an ongoing grievance which compounds our unconscious guilt. Hence, there is an undeniable accumulation of guilt in special relating that blocks our awareness of our perfect sinlessness and therefore, of our divine immunity to attack (conflict, illness, scarcity, etc.).

Our Guiltlessness – The Condition for Accessing Truth and Love

The necessary condition for us to access the Laws of God as a consistent miracle worker is to accept our guiltlessness. Only when we truly know our guiltlessness can we know that our will and God’s are one. But while we continue to buy into inauthentic relating we perpetuate the guilt that severs true communication and miracles. We cannot really know and accept our guiltlessness while we still condemn our brother.

While the Laws of God are infinite and freely operate on behalf of all, we will not be able to access them consistently until we are willing to release our dependence on the ego and its laws. One of the ego’s most tempting and coveted “laws” in the dream is the special relationship. Because the special relationship is the most fiercely defended of all our substitutes for God, its release will naturally entail the relinquishment of all lesser forms of guilt.

The way we that we release all special relating is by repurposing it with Holy Spirit, for Holy relating. As we embark in Holy Relationship, the operation of God’s Laws is inevitably restored to us because the mutual goal of the relationship has been assigned to innocence and not to guilt.

“Salvation is a lesson in giving, as the Holy Spirit interprets it. It is the reawakening of the laws of God in minds that have established other laws, and given them power to enforce what God created not.” T-20.IV.2:9-10

To know, to live out from, and to demonstrate the Laws of God as miracles, I must first realize and accept my own guiltlessness. This innocence is the state in which divine communion is reestablished. The presence of fear (or blame) blocks this Self Love, cutting off divine communication. Only as I first receive this Love in my awareness, can I then extend it. There is no way I can give, share or extend what I have not yet “received” in my own mind and heart. Gratitude, and not fear, is the hallmark of having accepted the Atonement.

Guiltlessness is the necessary condition for knowing God’s Love and His Truth. Guiltlessness is fearlessness. It’s in this Holy Instant of accepting our guiltlessness that the Atonement occurs. It cannot occur while we cling to fear, blame or victimhood as a defense. Because of the unhealed agreement between special relationship companions, to revere the ego’s idols in place of their unified Holy Self, there is a secret pact to continue projecting their guilt. Within the egos’ version of love, guilt and sacrifice are prized. This is the rejection of our guiltlessness, the very condition necessary for us to access both Truth and Love.

If I persist in special relating, instead of Holy relating, I cannot know or accept my guiltlessness, nor can I demonstrate the Laws of God because I will continue to keep my guilt – my defense against the Laws of God – by projecting onto my brothers.

“Unless you are guiltless you cannot know God, Whose Will is that you know Him. Therefore, you MUST be guiltless. Yet if you do not accept the necessary conditions for knowing Him, you have denied Him and do not recognize Him, though He is all around you. He cannot be known without His Son, whose guiltlessness is the condition for knowing Him. Accepting His Son as guilty is denial of the Father so complete, that knowledge is swept away from recognition in the very mind where God Himself has placed it.” T-14.IV.7:1-5

The pillar of Truth appears to be fully activated only when we advance in our experience of Love through Holy Relationship. And it is not until a perfect Love is bearing witness to the absolute Truth, that the power of God’s Truth can be experienced. Truth and Love are both required together for the direct experience of the presence of God and His healing power. As the Holy Relationship progresses, it compels us to treasure and embody perfect Love, Love without fear. Guiltlessness forms the sacred chalice that these companions promise to cherish and protect for each other and thus for all their brothers.

Where two or more are committed to forgiveness above all else, the gap of separation that contains all manner of substitutes for the Laws of God, is erased. Holy Relationship is where two or more agree to consistently overlook false appearances in the gap and witness only to the Christ in each other. In this union we release the debilitating guilt and unworthiness that has blinded us to the ever-present fountain of Love and innocence that is our Source, our safety and our life.  As the Holy Relationship progresses, an utterly profound realization of our guiltlessness is gained, together, which literally opens our hearts to this fearless and perfect Love.

For example, when my partner Daniel and I enter a joint Holy Instant together, we are praying to the Christ in each other. The startling thing here is that there is no “need” to ask for anything in this communion. The reason is that all sense of lack arises from fear, and fear is purely the absence of Love. When Daniel and I truly join as the one Christ, then Love instantly fills the space that fear had attempted to claim.

In one Holy Instant all perceived needs are met as the Christ in one kneels at the feet of the Christ in his brother. Fear is the stranger now. Love has illuminated our gaze as we behold the heavenly beauty of the Christ which the body’s senses and its past were made to block.

Two Minds join in His Name. Here, there is nothing to ask for. Instead, there is an effervescent outpouring of unrestrained gratitude as we unite with the Christ in our brother or sister. This is the perfect Love, the pillar that when joined with absolute Truth, returns our awareness to the presence and power of God.

“One who has realized the goodness of God prays without fear. And one who prays without fear cannot but reach Him. He can therefore also reach His Son, wherever he may be and whatever form he may seem to take.”

“Praying to Christ in anyone is true prayer because it is a gift of thanks to His Father. To ask that Christ be but Himself is not an entreaty. It is a song of thanksgiving for what you are. Herein lies the power of prayer. It asks nothing and receives everything. This prayer can be shared because it receives for everyone. To pray with one who knows that this is true is to be answered. Perhaps the specific form of resolution for a specific problem will occur to either of you; it does not matter which. Perhaps it will reach both, if you are genuinely attuned to one another. It will come because you have realized that Christ is in both of you. That is its only truth.” S-1.I.6:5-7,7.

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