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Healing or Magic? Re-purposing the Illusion of Threat

Remember here that all seeming threats where ever we may perceive them are illusions. And illusions thrive on resistance and defense; in fact they are sustained and increased by them. The illusion of relationship conflict is sustained and increased by our judgments and defense. The illusions of pain, illness or aging are sustained and increased by our judgment and defense against them. Every seeming threat is an illusion that is spawned and then fed by our judgment and defense.

Let’s watch with joy while every seeming threat falls away as it is seen for what it really is. All forms of threat represent one content – illusion. There is no hierarchy of illusions and thankfully, no order of difficulty in miracles! Illusions only purpose is to bring to awareness our need to join with Spirit to forgive our self for having unknowingly used them to deny the memory of our total dominion over all illusions with God.

When we’re willing to recognize every seeming threat (illusion) is a gift disguised as a forgiveness opportunity then there will be no need for illusions any longer. Until we reprogram the purpose of our seeming threats, we won’t be able to distinguish Truth from illusions. Unless we bring Holy Spirit into our decision-making we will identify as nothing, as a false self, and suffer the consequences of denying our divine dominion over all illusory phenomena. And the choices we make here will merely be made between illusions.

The illusion of sickness is substituted for the illusion of health and vice-versa. We might choose the illusion of magic (medicine, treatment, surgery, etc.) to heal the illusion of sickness. But all of this is just shifting between illusions and no healing of the singular cause as unconscious self-attack is addressed or accepted.

The false-self, as the hidden “wish to be unfairly treated”, is an illusion which calls upon the illusion of sickness (or adversity) to prove its sense of separation. Yet when it’s had enough it calls upon the illusion of magic to restore a temporary but pseudo sense of safety. All the while no real healing occurs and there is an unconscious accumulation of guilt as a result.

Through the ego we seem to see a whole range and hierarchy of illusions that prevent us from looking past them and onto the ever-present Love of God that transcends and heals them all. We think there are some illusions that are more real and more difficult to heal (forgive) than others. Jesus expounds in the following quotes:

“Think how this seems to interfere with the first principle of miracles. For this establishes degrees of truth among illusions, making it seem that some of them are harder to overcome than others. If it were realized that they are all the same and equally untrue, it would be easy, then, to understand that miracles apply to all of them. Errors of any kind can be corrected [because] they are untrue. When brought to truth instead of to each other, they merely disappear. No part of nothing can be more resistant to the truth than can another.” T-23.II.3.

“The body needs no healing. But the mind that thinks it is a body is sick indeed! And it is here that Christ sets forth the remedy. His purpose folds the body in His light, and fills it with the Holiness that shines from Him. And nothing that the body says or does but makes Him manifest.” T-25.in.3:1-5

NOTE: For this very helpful “Fear of God (Love)” exercise click on this link: https://nouksanchez.com/nouks-blog/are-you-fearful-of-god-a-surprising-and-revealing-exercise/

Beware of False Responsibility

Judgment, guilt, fear, attack, sickness, pain, depression, lack, conflict, abandonment, betrayal, loss, loneliness, anger, grief, anxiety and concern are indicative of the many varied forms of the illusion of self-attack. Yet they do not exist and therefore cannot be healed except through forgiving the singular cause of them all – hidden guilt.

While these versions of attack seem to threaten us there is a great need for forgiveness. Yet there must be an inner willingness to accept our self without judgment while we move through this transition. Our Holy Self as the Christ is the over-arching Light into which we bring the illusory self’s darkened fears, judgments and beliefs so they can be joyfully healed.

How can we heal what we don’t first accept? Unconditional self-acceptance is crucial to restoring awareness of our changeless Innocence as the Invincibility Principle. As we practice unconditional self-acceptance, judgment, guilt and fear must fall away. And as we practice this we find that the One Who extends this self-acceptance (forgiveness) is none other than our most Holy Self.

It is this judgeless state, free of condemnation of self, others and the body that draws us gently into God’s certain and ever-present Healing to be governed now by His Invincibility Principle (Innocence). It is here that we relinquish the temptation to take on false-responsibility for what has been forgiven.

“Guilt is inescapable by those who believe they order their own thoughts, and must therefore obey their dictates. This makes them feel responsible for their errors without recognizing that, by accepting this responsibility, they are reacting irresponsibly. If the sole responsibility of the miracle worker is to accept the Atonement for himself, and I assure you that it is, then the responsibility for [what] is atoned for cannot be yours.” T-5.V.7:6-8

While we engage in this process of undoing illusions via forgiveness, there is a strong tendency toward harboring self-judgment as we become more lucid to what seems like almost unending corrections to be made. When we were largely asleep we really didn’t notice them. But now the veil of denial is being lifted we seem to be swamped by forgiveness opportunities.

Having largely withdrawn our critical projections onto others and the past, there is often a phase where we tend to turn them within. Yet this is the same mistake. There is literally “no one” here to condemn since all condemnation wherever we seem to see it, is illusion and therefore, not True. The one who condemns together with the one, who feels condemned, does not exist. They are the same illusion and are thankfully not Who we are.

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