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Jesus tells us that all our problems have already been solved. All we need do is sincerely accept the solution which has been given in and by God’s Love. This is the Atonement or the correction of our perception from fear back to Love.

Who made the original decision to enter the ego dream eons ago in the illusion of time? This might come as a surprise but it was the innocent Christ (as us) who chose to initiate a dream of separation. And this decision was made in complete curiosity and innocence.

If sin, guilt and fear are literally not real and God’s Love (which is Who we are) is all-encompassing with no opposite – then the ego’s illusory manifestations of suffering must originate from a distorted or misdirected miracle impulse.

Even in this dream we cannot deny the miracle impulse. We are experiencing some form of it all the time albeit mostly misdirected or distorted. What is it? Very simply, it is the desire to communicate. Outside the dream of time and space it is the shared impulse with God to create. But here within the dream of duality it’s the urge to communicate. This urge is the most natural thing in the world because it comes from God. Yet it has become tremendously distorted through its value of and belief in sin, guilt, fear and judgment.

The ego tries to use the principle of communication to share (project) fear instead of Love. But it doesn’t understand that anything that does not share God’s Purpose cannot be shared in truth. Fear, as an illusion, just can’t be shared. It may appear that it can, however only the Loving thoughts of God can be meaningfully transferred. Fear cannot.

If God’s Love is all there is, and if innocence is our unchanged and uninterrupted essence then every temptation to miscreate must be purely a misdirected miracle impulse. How could it be otherwise if all we are is Love?

Contrary to what I previously believed, the ego thought system, as insane as it is, is really just a fallen angel. What I mean is that even “it” as an illusory idea, was birthed from the Christ Mind. This is such a relief! Here is further supporting evidence that there really is no sin even within a fabricated dream of suffering and death.

The choice for ego cannot have originated from sin. There is no sin. If it did, then sin along with all its insanity, would be as real as God. And fear would be as true as Love. The outcome of this confused belief would be that we are battling against a real opponent, and one that is as powerful as God which is impossible.

If there is no sin there can be no punishment; there is no cause for suffering. If there is no sin then there is nothing to fear, nothing to defend our self from, and nothing to struggle to attain.

We are still eternal, changeless Love and innocence even in the midst of amnesia. We are God’s most Holy expressions of Love. As such, we have never left our Source. It must be that even the desire to spawn a dream of separation was initiated in curiosity and innocence. How could this ancient choice be anything other than a miracle-impulse which became severely distorted?

I believe the amnesia component of this experience is largely responsible for expediting our amassed unconscious guilt. We really believed the impossible; that we abandoned God and He was angry as hell. He was so damned angry that for our own safety, we had to hide from Him in bodies, the world and in death.  In truth, Love cannot condemn. God is our ever-Loving Father who created us as Love just like Himself. Therefore, what were we really fleeing from? We were hiding to escape from the very substance of our Being – Love itself.

This insane belief in separation must have been so devastating, so terrifying and deeply-rooted that we just had to banish it from our conscious awareness; Hence our self-induced amnesia over many millennia. The idea of original sin (missing the mark) if properly reinterpreted, would mean we merely expressed what became an innocent but severely distorted miracle impulse so that we could experience from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Little did we know at the time that fear which is the imaginary opposite to Love, would be introduced to the point that it completely split our mind.

This choice for fear must be undone and this is our divine purpose here in this ego dream. Jesus explains that the ego thought system is terribly fearful of our questioning it. But He also says that this is not the destruction of the ego, but its relinquishment into the Light of Spirit:

“Learning is ultimately perceived as frightening because it leads to the relinquishment, not the destruction, of the ego to the light of spirit.” T-4.I.3:2

Even in miscreating, will is affirming its source, or it would merely cease to be.” – Jesus to Helen, Dialogue with the Christ Mind.

Thank God the Holy Spirit uses everything the ego made to help bring us Home. Everything we made for attack can be divinely repurposed by Spirit. All of it no matter how insane or painful is really derived from misdirected miracle impulses (suffering, sickness, lust, lack, conflict, death, etc). And this is why they need to be offered to Spirit and purified. Then the distortion and misdirected aspect of them is removed. Then they can be returned to us as divinely inspired miracle impulses which can be shared in total joy and healing.

Holy Spirit simply removes from it what was never there in truth – the guilt and fear. This is why as we heal our perception, Christ Vision replaces what our body’s eyes previously perceived. All forms of suffering and deprivation are fabricated distortions of the already pre-existing but unseen as yet, Real World. When seen with Christ Vision these adversities give way to quivering miracles just waiting to be invoked. And this is why the miracle can restore perfection spontaneously…because it was already there in the first place but was unrecognized by fear.

The Real World could be said to be the reversal of our original distorted miracle impulse; the choice to escape God’s Love by making a dream of fear, of time, space, birth and death. To me, the Real World represents the correction of this timeworn choice for fear. Now we dream with Love. We joyfully enfold our Self and others in the Light of our incorruptible innocence and learn that we are one, unified in God’s infinite joy. Now the miracle is completely free of distortions and ready to take us to the gates of Heaven.

“There is no home can shelter love and fear. They cannot coexist. If you are real, then fear must be illusion. And if fear is real, then you do not exist at all.” W-160.4:5-8

Be not Afraid of Fear

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