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The End of Death, Volume 1; copyright 2014
Any form of suffering is an attack and is authored by the ego, never by God’s Loving Will. As long as we accept that even one form of attack is real, we will believe we can be attacked. If we can be attacked, we are not invulnerable—therefore we must not know who we are in Truth. Nothing can harm us. We are the Holy Self, the changeless Kingdom of Heaven itself. There are no degrees of insanity in adherence to the ego; one form of attack carries with it the entire ego thought system of attack. 

While we attack our body with pain or sickness; our self or another with judgment; or indulge in depression, worry, anxiety or a host of other symptoms of ego insanity, we deny ourselves healing. Through attack, we teach ourselves we are not the Holy Self, but the ego. We can only cherish one devotion on our inner altar at any given time. When we perceive attack, this is the idol we place on our altar. When we release our perception of attack through forgiveness, Love is restored to its central place on our inner altar. We cannot keep both the perception of attack and Love together; the presence of one excludes the other.

                When we believe in the ego’s appearances, we deny our Holy Self. And when we deny our Holy Self, we attack it. So whenever we perceive ourselves as unfairly treated, we are denying our True Self as God’s perfect Will. No matter who or what upsets us, we always attack our Self first! When we believe suffering is possible, we deny our Self as God created us. No perception of attack occurs without first attacking our Self. The invulnerable Holy Self is wholly incapable of attack, or even of perceiving attack. Only the ego perceives attack, and only the ego can appear to be hurt.

“All attack is Self attack. It cannot be anything else. Arising from your own decision not to be what you are, it is an attack on your identification. Attack is thus the way in which your identification is lost, because when you attack, you must have forgotten what you are. And if your reality is God’s, when you attack you are not remembering Him. This is not because He is gone, but because you are actively choosing not to remember Him.” T-10.II.5.

                When we are upset, it is because we choose to be unfairly treated. It is a decision (conscious or not), and it occurs so quickly we think we did not make it. Therefore we believe it occurred independently of us.

                If we truly set our one goal to be peace of mind, our peace could never be threatened again. Peace of mind is an internal decision, a disciplined commitment that every situation becomes a means to reach the goal of peace. Armed with the powerful tool of forgiveness, we can achieve this goal in every circumstance, provided we do not value a separate ego agenda instead of, or in addition to peace.

                Peace arises from within and does not depend on anything external. Safety then, is the complete relinquishment of attack.

“If you realized the complete havoc this makes of your peace of mind you could not make such an insane decision. You make it only because you still believe it can get you something you want. It follows, then, that you want something other than peace of mind, but you have not considered what it must be. Yet the logical outcome of your decision is perfectly clear, if you will only look at it. By deciding against your reality, you have made yourself vigilant [against] God and His Kingdom. And it is this vigilance that makes you afraid to remember Him.” T-10.II.6.

                It is this vigilance against God’s Love as our Holy Self that invites untold suffering. We prefer to suffer the consequences of rejecting Truth, rather than drop our defenses against it. When we perceive that we have been unfairly treated or victimized by anyone or anything, we choose to defend against Truth. And it is for precisely this that the power of the Atonement was given us. True correction of our perception offers us complete healing in any moment we choose differently.  For the full forgiveness and Atonement process, click on this link.

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