A Manual for Holy Relationship - The End of Death, Volume 2; blog reference
A Manual for Holy Relationship - The End of Death, Volume 2; copyright 2020
“If you don’t unconditionally Love, accept, support, encourage and trust your Self…then “who” will?

Love, acceptance, support, encouragement and trust all begin WITHIN. If we’re busy abandoning our self in order to serve others’ ego’s then is it any wonder why we appear to BE abandoned and betrayed our self? We simply cannot attract the Love, trust and support we want from others until we’re willing to give these to our Self first.

The question is just how AUTHENTIC are you? Are you willing to show-up authentically for yourself, with everyone and in every situation? The fear of the reaction of others is your own FEAR OF YOUR “SELF”. This is the unconscious fear of God (Love). There is nobody out there, and if you’re afraid to be honest and authentic because you are concerned how others will react? Then this concern is all your own unconscious self-condemnation. It is projected OUTWARD using others to attack you. It’s a sick ego cycle that we unknowingly keep in motion by NOT being True to our Self.

When you show-up for yourself…others will show-up for you.

When you’re afraid to offend another by being your Self, it is their ego that you are fearful to offend or challenge. But lying beneath this concern is your fear of having your own false ego-identity challenged. Remember, there is only ONE ego. And if we’re triggered by seeing it in another then it’s ours to heal.

Here’s another one of the ego’s contradictions when we’re on the spiritual path. Beware of trying to protect your own false-identity along with its beliefs and values. This is precisely what the “spiritual ego” does. The Truth is that we MUST have our ego challenged (with gratitude)…if we’re to awaken from suffering, lol!

Some questions for you: Do some radical self-inquiry and ask the ego what is it trying to protect? What does it defend? What does it stand to lose? And what is its greatest fear concerning you becoming AUTHENTIC and radically self-honest? Take your answers to Spirit and exchange them for miracles. You ARE a miracle and deserve the glorious gifts of God instead of such self-deprivation.

Learn to be present to yourself. Listen to your inner Self; it’s the Voice for Love. How on earth can you expect others to listen to you and be “present” with you, when you’re consistently deserting your Self? False humility is UNWORTHINESS. Unworthiness is unconscious self-attack projected as unconscious self-sabotage.

And unworthiness arises from our insane agreement with the ego’s JUDGMENT of who we are. This is the height of arrogance…because we’d rather side with the ego’s judgment of who we are rather than to trust and embody God’s Evaluation of WHO we are in Truth…which is perfect innocence.

False humility is an attack on our Self and God. By believing that we are unworthy, we use this as one of our best DEFENSES against ACCEPTING and LIVING out from our own Truth. We cannot RECEIVE God’s Love fully while we prefer to keep our unworthiness. Time to ditch the unworthiness, I say!”

NOTE: For the 7 Key Principles of Authentic Communication go to: https://nouksanchez.com/nouks-blog/the-7-keys-to-authentic-communication/

The End of Death; A Manual for Holy Relationship

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