Photo by Janini McFarlane

Photo by Janini McFarlane

When we begin to undo the ego’s fear of God, we are met with an exhilarating surprise. Once we start to recognize and release our unconscious projection of the “god of suffering and scarcity”, a remarkable shift occurs almost immediately (to unearth our unconscious projections of God, you can read the following excerpt: “Exposing our Unconscious Fear of God & Exercise” by clicking here).

One thing we discover is that pain, suffering and scarcity are purely fabrications made by the ego’s god. Therefore they are not real, and they certainly cannot threaten us once we recognize and forgive the beliefs that invite scarcity into our experience. Scarcity in any form, is not part of God’s all-encompassing Love. Neither is sickness, pain or suffering. Through the ego we use scarcity to try to prove that our separation from God’s infinite Supply, is real. We are God’s Will, the Kingdom of Heaven, and in this we are His eternal Loving extensions, whether we are conscious of this or not. There is no lack in God; therefore there is no lack in us…unless we choose to believe the ego.

We have everything because we are everything. But we won’t know this and thus “live out from” this experience until we begin to undo the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence. Scarcity, like sickness, pain and conflict, is an illusory form of the belief that there is something other than God’s all-encompassing Love; and that it has power and dominion over God’s Loving Will. The cause of all these blocks lies in our un-relinquished guilt. Guilt spawns fear, and un-forgiven fear manifests as seeming reality. That is what the ego world is, a manifestation of un-forgiven fear and guilt.

A Course in Miracles is just that; a …course… in… MIRACLES. This is not metaphor but literal. However while we refuse to question our ego fears and beliefs, the ego’s god will continue to cause much confusion and suffering for us. Miracles enable us to give to others what we ourselves have. But if we’re hypnotized by the ego’s scarcity spell, we will erroneously believe that we have nothing to give. That’s the ego’s plan; to demonstrate to the world that scarcity and separation rule. But don’t you think that the Holy Spirit’s desire is for you to have everything, because he knows you are everything? It makes no sense to believe that we’re being called to “give”, and yet that Spirit would withhold from us.

“Do you think that what the Holy Spirit would have you give He would withhold from you? You have no problems that He cannot solve by offering you a miracle. Miracles are for you. And every fear or pain or trial you have has been undone. He has brought all of them to light, having accepted them instead of you, and recognized they never were. There are no dark lessons He has not already lightened for you. The lessons you would teach yourself He has corrected already. They do not exist in His Mind at all.” ~ A Course in Miracles, T-14.XI.9:1-8

What do you Unconsciously Believe you Deserve?

Scarcity comes from a mistaken belief about our “self”. This is the ego-self and not our true Identity as the Holy Self. While we believe the false image of our self, we will place ourselves under its laws, and deprivation is the basis of the ego thought system. Everything it believes is centered upon the unconscious conviction that you are fundamentally lacking. Hence there is a seemingly bottomless pit of unworthiness that appears to sabotage your best intents. This arises from the deep and unconscious ego belief that you have committed the most unforgivable sin ever imagined; you abandoned God and made a false-self and world to hide from Him. This is the darkest and deepest belief we have. And yet it is entirely untrue. God cannot be betrayed nor abandoned and neither can we; our Holy Self that is. Love can neither abandon or be abandoned. Only the ego’s pseudo love can dream of betrayal.

If we did not believe unconsciously that we did indeed betray God, we could never feel guilt or fear and because of this, we could not suffer in any way. Only our unknowing commitment to guilt and fear makes suffering possible. That is why we seem to see and feel scarcity and suffering, because we truly believe we deserve it. Deprivation is the one thing in the ego dream that we’re always trying to defend ourselves against. But the ego hides this important point from our awareness. That whatever we attempt to defend against, independently apart from Spirit, we actually attract into our experience. Our defense against it makes it real in our perception. Once it’s real, and we have made it an opponent, then it must attack us. That’s the ego’s law. This is why forgiveness is crucial to undoing suffering.

Through the ego, we seem to see and experience limitations in love, health, finances, etc. Everything we do, we do based on this rigid and unconscious frame of limitation. The frame itself, is secured by the ego’s prerequisite which is its belief that you are destitute and that you must depend upon its harsh instructions and restrictions in order to survive. To have, in the ego world, demands that you must get. But to get calls for sacrifice and this means that someone else will be deprived. The more you get, the less others will have. And the more they get, the less you will have. This is the ego’s law. It operates based on a finite supply of love, health, happiness and money. It has a fixed hierarchy of illusions that is made to ensure that you remain thoroughly distracted in trying to shift the proverbial deckchairs on a quickly sinking Titanic. Meanwhile, unknown to you, it deviously seeks your death.

God’s Law of Endless Supply

The Holy Spirit’s Laws are totally reversed from the ego’s. Under the ego’s shabby illusions of scarcity lay God’s immutable Laws. Here, we recognize that giving is receiving; that giving is the way to keep what we value. Giving ensures I never lose it. This is the Law of endless Supply. Recall that if I project judgment onto another, I am consolidating my own guilt. I am in effect, retaining and reinforcing the very guilt that I had tried to offload onto another. That is why projections literally kill us. The same principle applies when I give Love, or any form of Love. What I give, I always give to myself. Especially if I give without any conditions or secret expectations of approval. If I do give with any expectations, I have not given but have taken. And what I have really given, is separation or attack. Yet I must have separated from my Self first in expecting to gain approval from outside.  

When we begin to consciously question these ego laws, and practice the forgiveness/Atonement process with them, a truly miraculous shift takes place. We learn that it’s safe to trust in our Holy Self; that once the blocks start falling away, we discover a wealth of abundance within. It is from this bountiful and eternal Self that real abundance is recognized and it naturally extends outward. As we willingly release our beliefs and judgments, we find that we’re not alone; that Spirit as our Holy Self,  is present and that our job is not to try to control our body, relationships or finances, but to release all the judgments, beliefs and limitations that we previously believed protected us. Their only purpose was to safeguard the ego, while blocking us from accessing the real Source of Love and abundance within.

When we worry and attempt to control, we abandon our Self. No one is home. And we will feel confused and lost. The presence of fear is a sure sign that we have rejected God’s Love in favor of fear. This sense of isolation and abandonment is then projected outward onto others, the body or finances, as scarcity. But we could not experience scarcity unless we first abandoned our Self in some way. All attack is always self-attack. That is why it’s helpful to do some radical self-inquiry on all the areas that you are dishonest with yourself, i.e. the body, image, health, finances, relationship, job, etc. These are areas where you sacrifice,  settle for less, or sell out because you fear loss or change. While these fears remain hidden by the ego and not shared openly with Spirit, they will return as loss or scarcity in some form, regardless of how much you try to control through the ego.

Despite the form of suffering, there is always only one cause and that is our sense of separation from God as our Holy Self. If we knew our Self we could never abandon it, nor anyone else because we share the one Holy Self. In this Truth, we could never suffer scarcity. All abundance comes from within, however in order to claim it, we must first show-up, being present for ourselves as mindfully as possible. There can be no real abundance until we willingly release the ego’s lies and wholeheartedly embrace the one Love that we seek…within.

When we begin to unearth the ego’s false beliefs and realize just how extensively we have betrayed ourselves in the name of fear, it can be quite disturbing. As you withdraw blame and judgment from outside, the ego often turns it within; as self judgment. Remember there is no difference between judging others and indulging in self-judgment. All judgment is attack and all judgment accrues guilt. The remedy is to stay mindfully present and pay attention to when you want to mentally or emotionally check-out. Try to stay present without self-judgment, and ask Spirit to help you just witness the areas that you wish to heal. Spirit, your Holy Self, is always there in any Holy Instant that you withdraw judgment and just stay present in the now moment.

There may be nothing you can do practically in the 3-D world right now to change anything. That is not the point. Even if you cannot seem to change things at the form level, just stay mindfully present with Spirit while you express your new priority. And that is to invite Spirit in to heal your perception of scarcity. Do the forgiveness/Atonement process  with those areas you wish to heal. For the forgiveness/Atonement process, go to: https://nouksanchez.com/nouks-blog/the-seven-essential-principles-of-quantum-forgiveness/ This is the most powerful action you could ever take because it is healing at the “cause” level, and not just at the “effect” level where nothing really heals  at all.

Claiming our Abundance in Spirit

Let me share a practical example of an upcoming issue of scarcity for some. We have been deeply inspired to present a “Power of Power; Know ThySelf” Retreat in Israel, over Easter 2014. We will have 5 days in Retreat at a beautiful monastery in Ein Karem, which is nestled in the hills of Southwest Jerusalem; the birth place of John the Baptist. This will be a hugely transformational Retreat and trip. It’s all part of a 12-day experience in the Holy Land, complete with 7-days of guided tours to some pretty amazing Sacred Sites.

There are many people from across the world, who feel strongly called to join with us in this trip to Israel. Some appear to have the funds to come, while some appear to suffer from the lack of funds. From my own experience, I will share what I have learned about claiming our authenticity, and thus our abundance in Spirit.

In the past, when a learning opportunity of a lifetime appeared, such as this Israel trip, I would usually experience two simultaneous and distinctly opposite reactions. The first would be genuine delight and a deeply felt inner confirmation that I was divinely called to participate in this trip. And the second, would be the ego’s immediate censoring or rejection of my enthusiasm with seemingly practical reasons why I couldn’t possibly go. “You don’t have the money! You can’t take out a loan. What about your responsibilities? Your partner? Your kids, the pets? You are so selfish!”  

This inner conflict would continue until I finally resigned myself to just accepting the ego’s narrow limitations, rules and final verdict. To contest this was too painful, so I’d simply continue to place my Self on hold over and over again. Even though there was building resentment and feelings of both victimization and envy, especially when I witnessed other’s who appeared to be casually following their bliss. It’s not until the pain becomes unbearable that we usually turn to Spirit within to heal the fundamental cause of all our suffering…the ego thought system.   

That’s what we do in the ego dream. Until the pain of separation becomes all too much to bear, we continue to allow the ego to dictate what it believes we deserve. The degree of un-relinquished guilt we hoard, determines the extent to which we’ll feel scarcity; and the degree to which we’ll place ourselves under its reign of deprivation. The ego’s entire thought system is made to separate us from our Holy Self and Spirit’s endless Supply. It’s obsessed with efforts to restrict joy and to severely limit abundance, while exacting guilt. At the same time it is an insane compulsion to inhibit, regulate, curb and withhold our natural inner Guidance and flow. In short, the ego is the opposite of trusting in our own deeply felt inner Guidance. Of course! God forbid if we threw caution  and Self-doubt to the wind, and decided instead to trust the small, still Voice within. All Heaven would break loose. Quite literally!

Miracles are our Inheritance

True abundance is accessed when we prioritize listening to our inner Voice, the Holy Self. But for many, this Self has been covered over by a heavy blanket of fears, rules, laws, obligations, expectations and Self-doubt. How in the world can we expect to receive clear Guidance while we continue to listen to the ego’s voice instead of Spirit’s? In trust, we free ourselves from the ego’s conditioned rules, laws and limitations, all based on fear and deprivation. Instead, we hold our inner vision as priority and we trust it.

If inner Guidance is to go to Israel, or to achieve whatever your real heart’s desire is, then Heaven and Earth will move to accommodate God’s Will; because your Holy Self is God’s Will! Scarcity is the ego’s defense against God’s Will. So if you side with scarcity, you place it as your priority above God’s Will of endless Supply; and scarcity will manifest just as you ask. Recall that while we choose the ego’s will, it is as powerful as God’s Will here in the dream. And God’s Will means nothing to us while we choose to suffer under the ego’s reign.

Do you believe that the ego’s projection of lack of funds could possibly overcome God’s Will, if your highest good is to follow your inner Guidance? The miracle is a shift in perception. A shift from fear into Love. We can break the ego’s cycle of scarcity by daring to look with Spirit, at all the ways we have unknowingly bought into being a victim of it.

If you really desire to open to Spirit’s abundance, then you will need to examine some key misperceptions. Namely,  where have you mistakenly placed the cause of your scarcity? e.g. in another, your financial obligations, your family, your job, income stream, the economy, etc. While these pseudo causes are believed, you cannot access the real cause (guilt) and wholeheartedly exchange it for the miracle. These are the effects of your belief in scarcity. They are not the cause, despite their appearance as being real. They are not the real and only cause which is always unconscious guilt disguised as deprivation. Once you accept this, and take the real cause which is your erroneous perception to Spirit, then it is free to be healed by the miracle.

“The power of God, and not of you, engenders miracles. The miracle itself is but the witness that you have the power of God in you….The power of God is limitless. And being always maximal, it offers everything to every call from anyone. There is no order of difficulty here. A call for help is given help.” T-14.X.6:9-10, 12-15

The miracle heals all. When we are willing to exhume and release our hierarchy of illusions, guess what? Suddenly there is an open space inside us, one that is now big enough to accept and receive Spirit’s endless Supply of abundance.  And when we truly open to receive, we mirror to the world only Love and guiltlessness…that there is no order of difficulty in miracles. We become a beacon of light demonstrating to all that only Love is real, and that they are Love.  We show the world that guilt, fear, and scarcity, are not a part of God. Therefore, they are not real.

“The miracle is the one thing you can do that transcends order, being based not on differences but on equality.” T-14.X.2:7 “Miracles are not in competition, and the number of them that you can do is limitless. They can be simultaneous and legion. This is not difficult to understand, once you conceive of them as possible at all. What is more difficult to grasp is the lack of order of difficulty that stamps the miracle as something that must come from elsewhere, not from here. From the world’s viewpoint, this is impossible.” T-14.X.3. NOTE: Details of our Israel “Power of Power” retreat in 2014, can be accessed at the Events Page of our website, www.Undoing-the-Ego.org in July 2013.

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