I am so blessed and grateful for having found ACIM and studying this under both [Nouk & Coreen] and Sandrina from the TTC. It has been life changing to say the least, and I have been experiencing miracles and heart openings that were never possible before. A year ago, I would just listen to [the] YouTube channel, however, this year something else happened. My heart burst open, and I started understanding concepts from the ACIM in a profound way. It was like layer after layer was getting peeled off and it became an experience where I noticed that the miracles and heart openings that I was seeing was directly proportional to my willingness to see things different with the Holy Spirit.

My special relationships are changing, and there has become a deeper meaning that my husband and I are giving to our relationship. My mother has been my biggest help in this journey.

Your [TMTT] service and your dedication in helping others is so in line with the course.

As far as the miracles, I see my daughter in a different light. I have completely surrendered her to God’s care and light. I am here to grow myself in that light and completely hand over the reins. It has been so freeing to be able to do this.

I have also undone my beliefs on roles. I believe I AM and that the roles I am playing are all an illusion. It has been miraculous to hear words from my mother like ‘from now on I will be operating from a better place within me.’

As far as work, I have handed over all minutiae to Jesus and have dedicated a lot of time to going through both your teachings online. I have been able to understand accounting concepts that made my head completely turn upside down in the past and yet on surrendering to Jesus, I was able to accomplish so much and complete a major project that has surprised not just me, but others as well.

I am surrendering everything more and more and as the miracle of the felt state has overcome me and I know it is possible just with what I have experienced.