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No one can ask another to be healed. The reason is that the only way to heal our self or another – is to be healed. It’s in our acceptance of healing via the miracle, that we can then extend it. When we mistakenly pray for our self or another to be healed, we’re asking through fear and not through Love. Only fear can believe in and experience suffering. Love cannot.

We are so addicted to seeing the body, others, the past, and the world through the ego’s lens of fear, that we unknowingly attempt the impossible. We try to heal fear through fear, via the ego thought system. By believing in the reality of the illness or problem, we make it real, something that needs to be resolved.  Then we attempt to remedy the problem from within the same thought system that made it, which is insanity.

“No one can ask another to be healed. But he can let [himself] be healed, and thus offer the other what he has received. Who can bestow upon another what he does not have? And who can share what he denies himself?” T-27.V.1:6-9

The presence of fear is a denial of healing. Fear is the single cause of all our problems whether in relationships, illness, or scarcity, etc. There is only one thing required for miraculous healing and that is an instant of lack of fear. This is the Holy Instant where Love enters to take the place of fear. In this instant, without fear, we can truly Love (heal) without attack. That is why the Atonement is so powerful; it is the undoing of fear and thus, the restoration of Love as healing.

“The only thing that is required for a healing is a lack of fear. The fearful are not healed, and cannot heal. This does not mean the conflict must be gone forever from your mind to heal. For if it were, there were no need for healing then. But it does mean, if only for an instant, you love without attack. An instant is sufficient. Miracles wait not on time.” T-27.V.2:8-14

Recall that whatever we believe (good or bad) we must value and therefore, make real in our experience.  When we try to remedy any problem through the ego, we end up looping in its vicious cycle of illusions. When we’re in the thick of a spike of fear, it can be difficult to attain an instant of forgiveness, a moment of peace in which to invoke the miracle. But it does become much easier as our trust in Spirit and the miracle develops.

Jesus tells us that health (via forgiveness, not the ego), is witness to health and healing. We cannot really know the healing power of the miracle until we experience it through consistently applying its condition which is accepting an instant of Atonement as the lack of fear.  When we practice this, we will achieve a state of real conviction in the healing power of the miracle. As Jesus reminds us, only when healing has been demonstrated is it proved and will then provide a witness that compels belief. However He also adds that if we are afraid of healing, being fearful of physical miracles, then healing cannot come through us.

  “Health is the witness unto health. As long as it is unattested, it remains without conviction. Only when it has been demonstrated is it proved, and must provide a witness that compels belief. No one is healed through double messages. If you wish only to be healed, you heal. Your single purpose makes this possible. But if you are afraid of healing, then it cannot come through you.” T-27.V.2:1-7

Love without attack is healing without fear. This idea is completely alien to the ego. It sees “concern and worry” as expressions of caring and compassion and is outraged at the thought that concern and worry are forms of attack, and are certainly not Loving. It might even say this idea is blasphemy.

Yet as mentioned previously, all ego attempts at healing are made from fear and thus are disguised forms of attack. Worry, concern, doubt and the need to control, etc. are all forms of ego attack precisely because they emanate from fear, which is opposite of God’s all-encompassing Love and healing. Remember that we manifest our fears therefore to fear for our self or another is the ego’s attraction to the fear’s eventual manifestation.

Magic remedies are given a bad rap in the Course not because they are harmful, but because the intent beneath our dependence on magic arises from fear, and not from God’s Love. We fear healing exclusively through God’s Love as the miracle, so we use substitutes instead. Because our reliance on magic arises from fear and not from Love, it’s another form of the ego’s attack. While magic in itself is neutral, it is still an ego attempt to delay our total transfer from fear to Love as healing. There is no judgment implied here, yet at some point in our development of trust we will all eventually be gently lead toward total trust in the power of God’s Love, and magic’s appeal will organically fall away.

When I take my calcium supplements, the hidden ego belief is that I am guilty and separate from God; consequently I can be victimized by the body and the world. Therefore my safety and health depend on me, as in the separate identity. The ego demands we rely on magic because while we do, we will never know the extraordinary power of the miracle and therefore of our Holy Self. Yet while I’m still too fearful of trusting solely in the miracle, then I will continue with my magic however I will not judge myself for it.

Jesus talks about “Love without attack” which is simply Love without fear, or Love without conflict. All attempts we make independently from Spirit, to acquire, to protect or defend, to control or to save our life, are made from fear and are therefore defenses against Love. The Holy Instant is a moment of divine surrender to Love, an instant of allowing Love to shine away our fear.

“There is no sadness where a miracle has come to heal. And nothing more than just one instant of your love without attack is necessary that all this occur. In that one instant you are healed, and in that single instant is all healing done.” T-27.V.4:1-3 “Thus is your healing everything the world requires, that it may be healed.” T-27.V.7:1

In the instant we accept Atonement, we are healed. And as we learn to consistently bring all our problems to the one Answer, we will be joyously surprised to see that not only are our own concerns healed but that the world is being healed along with us.

“Your healing will extend, and will be brought to problems that you thought were not your own. And it will also be apparent that your many different problems will be solved as any one of them has been escaped.” T-27.V.9:1-2

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