The End of Death, Volume 1; blog reference
The End of Death, Volume 1; blog reference
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It’s been a while now that the lesson of time, or more correctly, the lesson of ‘no time’ has consistently yet gradually pierced a hole in my rigid fear of time. I didn’t even know that I had a fear of time. Not many people do. Only fairly recently, as multiple layers of my ego-based beliefs began to fall away rapidly, did I recognize that time was one of my central idols. And an enormous one at that!

When we fear something, when we plan our entire lives around it, then we can be sure to count it as an epic-sized idol. And the idea of time just has to be one of the greatest ego illusions there is. It’s one thing to know this intellectually (as I did for 20 years) but quite another to get it from the inside out, as I am now.

I have mentioned often that the cause of everything we seem to see comes from our mind. There is absolutely nothing out there that is caused independently, apart from the mind. The universe including our bodies dwells in our mind. All of it; every universal law that we place ourselves under, including the concept of time, was made by us. We willed all of this apart from God. And we made up the concept of time as an attempt to escape from God’s Love in eternity.

I used to think that time was natural. And now? An extraordinary thing is happening. I’m beginning to see time as unnatural. Just like I now see pain, conflict, scarcity and holding grievances as unnatural.

My perception is undergoing a major re-ordering. And while my perception morphs so profoundly, so does my world. As the old frame of reference falls away, there is a brilliant Reality beneath it that is effortlessly coming to meet me. I am learning to look past (forgive) so much of what I previously allowed to dictate and control my life.

My greatest addictions in life, the areas that consumed me, the ones that I controlled and ran independently apart from Spirit included the following: special relationships (partner, family), the body (health, sickness and pain, food and pleasure), financial security and scarcity, life purpose and of course, time. 

Over time, I gave all these to Spirit and witnessed ever increasing miracles in all areas of my life and it continues still. Two of the last idols I willingly turned over to Spirit entirely were my body and the concept of time. I see now that the body really is the last of our ‘special relationships’ that we agree to surrender and there’s plenty written about this already. To read more about the body as our last ‘special relationship’ to be healed, click on this link

Time is the great deceiver. Just like the ego, the personal self. Jesus teaches that there is no hierarchy of illusions. They are all the same. As we awaken here in the dream, as we un-learn the ego’s paradigm and its laws, we recognize that we are the ones who give meaning, power and reality to every illusion we value including those we are afraid of.

We start to see the bigger picture with Spirit. We recognize that everything we seek in the world to sustain us and all that we attempt to defend against, dwell entirely in the arena of illusions. Through the ego, we think we’re evolving but all we are really doing is choosing from a dazzling and deadly merry-go-round of illusions. Nothing real happens here; that is until we willingly ask Spirit to decide for us, until we prioritize the undoing of all that is false in our life. 

Time is one of these unquestioned false idols that must eventually buckle, bend and collapse as we learn to see through it. For me, there are a few factors that came into play regarding my recent experience in time-warping with Spirit. First up, I saw that time was indeed an idol that I feared. It had power over me and not the other way round. I was under its laws. In short, I was a slave to time as we all are. I still believed that my life was affected by outside factors over which I had no power. However as my false self with its pseudo beliefs and values fell away, a quiet Witness gently but powerfully took its place. The Holy Self rose gently and triumphantly in my awareness as I learned to let the ego and its world go.

“Nothing beyond yourself can make you fearful or loving, because nothing [is] beyond you. Time and eternity are both in your mind, and will conflict until you perceive time solely as a means to regain eternity. You cannot do this as long as you believe that anything happening to you is caused by factors outside yourself. You must learn that time is solely at your disposal, and that nothing in the world can take this responsibility from you.” T-10.in.1:1-4

When we willingly release our judgments and our grievances, when we truly see wholeheartedly, that every seeming attack is and always was our own unconscious self-attack, then the veil of darkness is lifted. There remains nothing left to ‘get’ anymore and nothing left to ‘defend against’. All our needs are met because the self-saboteur (ego) has vanished to reveal God’s Self in us. Now we, the Holy Self, are present in the body rather than the ego. Now the body has an entirely different Commander along with a totally different purpose. When we are wholly present in the heart of our being, we are wholly safe.

As this ‘presence’ is strengthened in me, time warps according to Spirit’s needs. Before, it was the ego directing my life, allowing what it made to wield power over me. The ego’s foundation is the concept of deprivation, and time is the perfect instrument by which to feed its constant fear of scarcity and attack that is based on guilt and the past. But when the Holy Self is recognized and embodied then what the ego made for attack, is rendered completely powerless.

As we live out from the Holy Self, we see and experience a completely different world. While the ego’s agenda for unconscious self-sabotage falls away, the Will of God literally lives through us. And God always wills infinite Love, health, joy and abundance for us.

When there is a deadline or a particular appointment I must meet then I turn the ‘time factor’ over to Spirit. I remind myself that I am under no laws but God’s. If God’s Will wants me there at a certain time then all I need do is join in this intent completely. Set the intention and don’t waver. Never mind if, according to the world’s laws, it appears impossible for me to wash and dry my hair, get dressed and drive 10 miles all in just 30 minutes. Time is no longer my concern. My only necessity is to release my fear and doubt. Here, I give it to Spirit and am told that once I give over my fear and doubt, I am to trust implicitly. I look past the ego’s obsession with time and call in the Holy Instant. This is forgiveness (Atonement). For the full Atonement overview and process, click here.

Next, I don’t look at my watch. I just ‘know’ and therefore I ‘trust’ that God’s Will is far more powerful than time. I know without a doubt that I will arrive perfectly on time. And I do.

“The Holy Spirit is invisible, but you can see the results of His Presence, and through them you will learn that He is there. What He enables you to do is clearly not of this world, for miracles violate every law of reality as this world judges it. Every law of time and space, of magnitude and mass is transcended, for what the Holy Spirit enables you to do is clearly beyond all of them.” T-12.VII.3:1-3

Don’t look at the time. At least not when you’re practicing trust in time’s undoing process. Remember that it’s the ego that sends our body’s five senses out there to report back exactly what ‘it’ wants us to find. It is always the ego’s projection and not the truth. Keeping tabs on the time is an ego trick to keep us imprisoned in time. And to trust and invest in what the ego made (time) to attack us, can hardly be thought to bring about the ‘reality-reversal’ that Spirit is beckoning us toward!

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