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The highest Truth is that there is only one Child of God and “we” are that one Child whether we remember it or not. Our True Identity is changeless, just like God. Any belief in suffering occurs in a dream that we separated from our Loving Creator (God).

This one Child of God made the ego, the belief in sin, guilt and fear and gave “it” the role of his creator. With this he also made the concept of time and space including matter to further his dream of separation and make it appear real.

In the dream this one Child chose to split himself into billions of separate bodies, each seeming to share a deranged thought system based on death. We call this “life.” However a life apart from God is in fact, death. This is the ego; a concept of the “self” apart from God. If God is all-encompassing, unchanging Love, Joy and Life without opposite and if God is all that exists in Truth then the ego must be complete delusion.

Many of us find it difficult to forgive the seeming past. The pain of victimization seems so real. Yet we need to question this memory by asking which “self” recalls being victimized? Is it the Holy Self who is completely indestructible? Or is it the ego?

The memory of victimization lay exclusively with the ego, a false concept of the self and not our True Identity. The ego is an (imagined) attack on God and therefore, an attack on our Holy Self. And we feel guilty for it because unconsciously we still believe we did something so utterly devastating (abandoned God) that we cannot be forgiven. Secretly we believe that what we did is completely irrevocable.

Although it is completely untrue, this guilty belief has become the root of our persistent sense of threat, regardless of the form and severity of the threat. A sense of threat always expects attack. And in its defenses against expected attack lay the very goal the ego hides; our hidden attraction to it. Every fear is born from this central yet deeply unconscious ego belief that Something is out to get us – God.

We Scripted our Life before Birth

Undoing our mistaken self concept involves a process of remembering that there is only one Child of God. And we are that Child. We remember our True Identity as we consistently forgive the aspects of our false identity which we have unknowingly projected onto others, the body, the world and God.

These unhealed, un-forgiven aspects of the ego are seen in what appears to be “others.” Yet in Truth…there are no others. Whatever we see in another is a reflection of that which we value and hold for our self; either Love or attack.

This includes everything we abhor and attempt to avoid including adversity, abuse, destruction, conflict, betrayal, abandonment, deprivation, disease and death. There is no hierarchy of illusions. This means literally that there is not one illusion no matter how devastating it might appear which holds any more reality than any other illusion. All illusions have zero degree of reality. Illusion is illusion. Truth is Truth. They are mutually exclusive and cannot coexist. They only seem to coexist because within our split mind, we unconsciously value the untrue and choose to make it appear true in our experience.

The ego dream runs on a recycle program of continuous birth, death and amnesia. This cycle perpetuates the illusion of time and thus suffering. Just as there is only one Child of God (Holy Self), there is only one ego no matter where we might see it. If we are triggered by it then it is ours to heal, to forgive.

The one Christ is the Truth of every being that appears in the dream. However a new born baby arrives here helpless and with amnesia, having forgotten it’s True Self along with its only purpose which is to awaken from the dream of a separate self…not to reinforce it as the ego world teaches.

The ego exists before birth and after physical death. The ego is death being the opposite of Life in God. Therefore, if we were to rise well above the wearying loop of the ego’s birth and death cycle we would look down to see our own childhood and lifetime very differently. We would see that we were never victimized. No one was ever victimized.

The ego is attack because it is the belief in separation and attack. This insane belief is the ego’s fundamental default. Mistaking our self for the ego, we have scripted our entire experience in every lifetime. Before birth we choose (via the ego) exactly which people and circumstances would be the most ideal for our own level of guilt as unconscious self-condemnation. Of course the script changes and heals as we awaken and continue to consent to healing. This is what miracles are for. They undo our false perception and thus undo all effects or consequences of imaginary attack such as conflict, pain, sickness, lack and even death.

Some of us have unknowingly chosen to enter this lifetime to experience childhood abuse as I did, or perhaps illness or other forms of adversity, all for the ego’s purpose to prove that attack and separation are real; until we choose to have these false perceptions entirely re-interpreted by Spirit.

Before birth, the ego already knows what it wants. It has a plan, a script. Yet none of the ego’s script is real. All suffering regardless of our seeming age in the dream (newborn or aged), does not show up on God’s divine Radar. God knows no suffering, no disease, no deprivation, no conflict and no death. The only part of us that can experience these is the mistaken self. The Holy Self, the Truth of who we are remains completely impervious to all appearances of suffering.

There are no victims. Unknowingly, the ego projects its unconscious guilt onto others (parents for example) or the body in cases of childhood disease, etc. All attack is always “self-attack.” We cannot be attacked unless we agree unconsciously to project/attract attack…” TO BE CONTINUED IN PART TWO HERE: https://nouksanchez.com/nouks-blog/healing-the-single-root-of-all-abuse-and-trauma-part-two/

The End of Death; A Manual for Holy Relationship

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