By Coreen Walson
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We have all experienced the need for healing the body, whether it be from a cold to the flu to body aches/pains to disease. Jesus tells us that there is no hierarchy of illusions since all seeming discord in the body serves one and the same purpose, to prove that we ARE the body and therefore really separate from God and one another. But I’ve got to tell you, I’d much rather have a case of the sniffles instead of disease! Let’s face it, some things just seem insurmountable and we wonder about what Jesus tells us regarding healing, i.e. that “healing is simple”. Can that possibly be true?

Many of us have forgiven the appearance of sickness, we have “Accepted the Atonement”, and yet nothing seems to happen. Most often we assume we are “doing it” incorrectly and end up berating ourselves for not knowing better. We have approached healing like there is a recipe to it and if we follow the steps, the problem should leave, right? And so we bury the topic of healing and turn to world remedies (magic) with an extra serving of guilt, and hope that somehow we eventually figure it out with the help of Holy Spirit.

I’m going to give you some insights I have been given from my background in Christian Science, which are heavily supported in A Course in Miracles. The following facts must be accepted in order to understand that “healing” is indeed possible for any seeming problem.

  • God, the only Cause and Creator, is wholly good and doesn’t need to be corrected or healed. In fact, God knows nothing of matter, sickness or death because He didn’t Create them and certainly does not send them to His Children.
  • The body is nothing more than an image formed in our consciousness in order to experience the sensation through the five “physical senses” of what it is like to be separate from God. At no time does that body actually exist, and we “made” it to respond to the directives of our mind. It cannot become sick, it cannot age, and as purely an image in our mind, the body cannot die on its own because it has no intelligence. Therefore, it does not need to be healed.
  • This leaves the only place where sickness seems to be and where it’s pseudo cause is, the mind we have made, aka the ego thought system. We know that what we see is the contents of our thoughts, meaning, we see what we believe. Everything we experience is only the objective state of our thoughts, or another familiar way to refer to this is “projection makes perception.” Since the only place sickness seems to be is in our mind, this is where healing takes place . . . and nowhere else!

So this can be felt as very liberating! We no longer need to take thought for the body, we no longer associate God as having anything to do with the sickness, and we recognize that all that needs to be healed is our thought. Since we see/experience what we believe, then sickness in any form is nothing more than a false belief that we have accepted as true. These false beliefs have established themselves in our thinking from all sorts of things, such as the media, our parents, the common belief of heredity, seasons of sickness, diseases associated with certain phases of mortal existence, etc. So we are only ever dealing with a false belief and it will continue to be in our experience until we DIS-believe it.

How do you stop believing in something that you believe is true? Half the equation is to replace the false concepts with a right Understanding; meaning, you allow the Truth of what God is and what God is causing to replace the false belief. Jesus said “ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free”.

We know intellectually that sickness is not real because God did not create it. But we have been given the gift of reason, and we can use this to replace the false with what is true. Because sickness has no real cause, it has no ability to do anything or have an effect. Because God is omnipotent, sickness has no power over the Son of God. Because God is omnipresent, there is no place or space for sickness to be or assert itself. Because God is the only Mind, sickness has no intelligence and because we possess the Mind of God (we are made in His image and likeness) our mind IS the Mind of God and does not contain false beliefs. We are not a false believer but the Knower of all Truth! We dis-identify with the ego thought system knowing that it is no part of us and never has been.

As we turn completely away from the body and its so-called testimony of sickness, and seek God and fill our thoughts of what is True and eternal, these correct thoughts begin to supplant the false belief. The more our consciousness is aligned with the Mind of God, the less the false beliefs have room to assert themselves and the less the ego’s voice governs our thinking. In other words, a mind aligned with the Divine Mind is healed and false beliefs drop away in the face of the Truth. When the false belief is no longer believed in, the healing is complete and the body harmonizes.

There have been many, many healings experienced as a result of healing the mind that falsely believes in “real” sickness. Yet when we compare even these to the promise of Jesus that we will heal like He did and even greater works we will do, it begs the question, “what are we missing?” Certainly, he wouldn’t tell us we could do the works he did without showing us the way.

I reviewed what Mary Baker Eddy (the discoverer and founder of Christian Science) teaches about healing, i.e. that there are two methods. The first she refers to as the Michael method, referring to archangel Michael who fights battles against evil. This method is when we reason and argue out from the premise that God, being all and being the perfect Cause, created Man is His image and likeness. Therefore, man is spiritual, perfect and indestructible. We mentally insist on the Truth and deny the erroneous belief we have entertained such as “sickness is real and inevitable”.

This method heals because it convinces the mind that what it has believed is not true and in the face of the Absolute Truth, the mind surrenders the false belief and adopts the True account of creation as God is causing it to be. This method works yet seems to take longer than the second method.

This second method is known as the Gabriel method, referring to the archangel Gabriel who stands for the Power and Presence of Divine Love. This type of healing occurs when our consciousness is flooded with Truth and Love, or revelation, or what we commonly refer to as “aha!” moments. It’s when some Truth drops from the head to the heart and we get such a clear Knowing about the Truth of what we are that the false belief simply must give itself up in the presence of such clarity from above. I have experienced healing from this method also and it is quite wonderful and usually instantaneous.

What this has taught me is that the healing that Jesus demonstrated requires the power of Truth AND Divine (perfect) Love, which is changeless Love without fear, without concern. Deep and resounding peace is always its result. The outcome of this peace is certainty of healing and it is known and felt. When these two, Truth AND Divine Love combine in our awareness, there is no seeming sickness or pain that can resist this blazing Light that obliterates all darkness in our thought.

My personal experience also revealed this to be true. I had been visiting my Sis Nouk and her husband Daniel at their home and shared some beautiful Holy Instants. I was preparing to leave their home and was overcome with gratitude for what we share in our Holy Relationship. After a heart felt and teary goodbye, I was thinking about Nouk on my drive home when this Truth just anchored; that in the presence of such profound love and gratitude, that if any seeming temptation of sickness or harm tried to attach itself to Nouk that I could in that moment, very easily heal it in my mind.

There was no doubt that the power of Truth and Love were present in my thought to such an extent that even the appearance of death would not stand a chance. It also was very humbling to realize that Jesus loved everyone to that extent, whether He “knew” them or not. That was very revealing about what the standard is to heal as He did.

So for consistent healing to be demonstrated, we need belief in the presence of Truth AND Love in our consciousness. How is one supposed to obtain such a perfect Love as what the Master demonstrated? As I prayed about this, I received the answer which is that this Perfect Love can only be consistently experienced in Holy Relationship. Now the pieces started coming together.

Salvation is the recognition that the truth is true, and nothing else is true. This you have heard before, but may not yet accept both parts of it. Without the first, the second has no meaning. But without the second, is the first no longer true. Truth cannot have an opposite. This can not be too often said and thought about. For if what is not true is true as well as what is true, then part of truth is false. And truth has lost its meaning. Nothing but the truth is true, and what is false is false.” A Course in Miracles, W-152.3.

I see how we can accept the statement that “only the Truth is true”, but that we don’t or can’t accept the second part of this statement, that “nothing else is true”. Especially when the body and illness are involved, because it seems so real to physical sense, we really cannot accept fully that nothing else is true.

This is where our Holy Relationship partner comes in. They join with us and are able to accept the second half of this – that nothing else is true because they are not being besieged by false sensory testimony about a sick body or other issues. They hold the space for us by knowing the Truth on our behalf, accepting the Atonement in their own mind about us and for us. Our partners can access the Peace of God when we are unable to, and in that space the power of Truth and Love rises to our awareness and comes to bless and heal.

After I received this download, I asked for written confirmation. The next afternoon I opened up A Course in Miracles and found this quote that all but jumped off the page at me:

“From your holy relationship truth proclaims the truth and love looks on itself.” A Course in Miracles, COA, Ch. 19, Sect. IV. B.

WOW! There it is, truth AND love present in the Holy Relationship. This quote goes on to say, “Salvation flows from deep within the home you offered to my Father and me. And we are there together, in the quiet communion in which the Father and the Son are joined.”

So there it is, all laid out for us to understand and demonstrate. Sickness is only in the mind. The mind projects what it believes so sickness is nothing more than a false belief that needs to be corrected. Making this correction in the mind intellectually by argument and reason is one good way, yet is inconsistent and is not the method Jesus is pointing us to in the Course.

It is when we apply the Truth that Jesus teaches us and couple it with Divine Love, changeless, fearless Love, which is experienced in Holy Relationship, that this is the fast track and assures us of consistent healing. One only needs to drop into their heart and feel into this to know it is the Truth. What in the dream of separation could possibly challenge or obstruct the power of God’s Truth and Love when brought together in our awareness? They are the law of annihilation to anything that would oppose God’s perfect Creation.

It would be misleading for me to state here that the only way to access the Love of God is through our Holy Relationships because Holy Spirit is constantly bringing us messages that are infused with Truth and Love. Due to our resistance to Him and His voice, we don’t always hear them and if we do, we may not always accept them. This is why the Holy Relationship is the most powerful means we have in the dream to awaken to our Union with God and our Brothers. We bolster, support and Love One another because we share a common goal, to surrender all until we become God’s loving Will.

Beloved Family, take comfort in the knowledge that we are closer than ever before to the consistent extension of the miracles that will flow from us as we embody the Christ we are. He has promised us and He is with us, lighting the way. With just our willingness, our journey Home is assured. I love you, and in the spirit of Truth AND Love, it is done.

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