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The End of Death, Volume 2; copyright 2020
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“My problems have already been solved because I am guiltless. Only my mistaken guilt can cause the appearance of problems. Guilt is the secret wish for punishment in the forms of conflict, sickness, pain, loss, depression, lack, etc.

My problems have already been solved because the single source of them all is reversed once I accept my changeless Innocence (Holiness). I only see problems when I forget my incorruptible Innocence. As I reclaim my Innocence problems disappear.

This is my divine and invincible immunity to all the ego made as a defense against my most Holy Self.

The single cause of all my problems is rejection of my changeless Innocence. The single solution to all my problems is acceptance of my changeless and incorruptible Innocence. This is the Atonement.

As I breathe deeply into the stillness of my heart, I breathe the Life of God. In this Holy Instant I give all my fears, grievances and self-judgments to the Light of God to be dissolved.

In this breath I soften my resistance and ALLOW His Love to unburden me. I open my heart to receive the immediate Grace of my unchanged Innocence as the totality of my Being.

As I allow God’s Grace to breathe through me… I joyfully accept that Love is living me now.”

The End of Death; A Manual for Holy Relationship

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