2015-06-02 07.05.02_resizedAs you may already know, this year has presented many challenges and essential changes for most of us (cosmically speaking). I’ve been inundated with messages about how many of you have been pushed and challenged to some degree with huge shifts having taken place in your perception, your bodies, your relationships, and your lives.  How exciting to think that we’re all being asked to step it up.

And this goes for me too. What a year it’s been!  I am reflecting on the absolute perfection in everything that has led me to this place of peace I feel so deeply.

Our nonprofit organization, Take Me to Truth, Inc., was originally formed specifically as a sacred container and conduit to hold and to extend “The End of Death” teachings. However this container has undergone major changes too. In a nutshell, the nonprofit has now reverted back to me.

Our small nonprofit organization is now being restructured and our focus is undergoing a divine re-interpretation. So just to let you know, I (Nouk) am now President, my partner Daniel Boissevain is Secretary and Coreen Walson is Treasurer.

We have been guided to amalgamate our three websites under ONE simple banner to make it much easier for everyone to access these abundant teachings. Our three websites at present are: www.EndOfDeath.com   www.MiraclesBootcamp.com and www.TakeMeToTruth.org  Part of this process involves changing the name of our Take Me to Truth nonprofit to “Nouk Sanchez, Inc.” So stay tuned as we move forward with this.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank my dearest friends Sally Patton (ex-President), Sparo Vigil (Ex-Executive Director), Phill Palmer (Ex-Treasurer) along with all the ex-Board members for their HUGE contribution over the years. It’s been an incredible ride and I thank you from the depths of my heart.

Sparo and Sally have spread their wings and have each taken an exciting leap of faith. Sparo has her own website now, and is busy offering her valuable phone mentoring. You can visit her website at www.sparolove.com  Sparo’s new email is: sparo@sparolove.com

Sally is deepening her own journey too. Join Sally on a 4-Day Retreat from March 11 – 14, 2016 in Abiquiu, NM in the land of red cliffs and big sky to enjoy a tangible experience of our true expansive Holy Self. There is limited availability so register early to take advantage of our early bird price.

Building upon what Sally learned about parenting without fear, this retreat will go deeper to embrace what is meant by spiritual mothering as demonstrated by the life of Mother Mary.  We are invited to become a spiritual mother to the Christ Child within. Register at www.embracechildspirit.org Sally’s email address is: sally@embracechildspirit.org

We all need Support in Awakening FROM the Dream

It’s become obvious to me that we cannot awaken FROM the ego dream alone; although many of us keep trying 😉 We need each other to help keep us in alignment with God’s Love as our Authentic (Holy) Self. The good news is that Daniel, Coreen and I are inspired to bring into being the concept of ONLINE, Global Support Groups. These will be “live and interactive”, where we literally practice these teachings together.

We want to create a heart-to-heart community where we gather regularly to share and to really LIVE these miraculous teachings. We aim to launch these groups in the New Year (2016). You can register your interest now and watch a short video clip here: www.MiraclesBootcamp.com

I still have a lot more to share with you…however that can wait. In the meantime, I wish you every JOY over this Holiday Season and look forward to joining with you in our Global Support Groups in the New Year!

With boundless Love,


PS.By the way, as of December 2016, we are in need of a car 😉  If you feel inspired to help out financially, we thank you greatly! All donations for the car are TAX DEDUCTIBLE in the USA. You can donate here: http://www.miraclesbootcamp.org/#!tmtt-car-donation-/e5m1k