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A Manual for Holy Relationship - The End of Death, Volume 2; copyright 2020
We can only give, share and experience that which we have and are. And all we are and therefore have in reality is God’s Love. This is all we have in Truth. Nothing other than this Joy and infinite Love can be shared; because the mind, while seemingly split and dreaming, cannot attack. It can hallucinate and project the appearance of attack, yes, but it is impossible for the mind to attack in any form. All seeming attack (sickness, pain, conflict, death, etc.) is complete illusion.

When we experience anything other than that which we are and have, we unknowingly choose to experience something opposite to all that exists as God. Yet there is literally nothing opposite of God’s Love…nothing.

It feels to me that I am finally realizing this profound Truth, not just intellectually but in my 3-D experience. No wonder miracles have no order of difficulty. It’s no more difficult to heal one illusion than any other precisely because they are all illusions!

From the ego’s perception of fear, all solutions and defenses it attempts must fail to eradicate the pernicious root of all suffering. By the very fact that fear spawns all suffering regardless of appearance, tells us that if fear is the motivation for healing then True Healing must be unsuccessful; because any attempt to heal through fear cannot undo the singular cause of suffering which is fear/guilt itself.

To attempt to heal a fearful “appearance” through fearful defense (magic) only serves to confirm the fundamental issue of fear and separation over and over again. Unless of course, we mindfully use our magic with Spirit in conscious awareness that temporarily, at least until our trust in God’s Love is made whole, we will substitute God’s Healing with magic. To learn more about the difference between healing and “magic” here is a very helpful excerpt: https://nouksanchez.com/nouks-blog/giving-up-magic/

There is no order of difficulty in healing! All True Healing (the undoing of fear/guilt) serves to undo the sole cause of suffering which is our unconscious belief that we are separate from God’s Love and healing.

The Body’s True Purpose is to Communicate Guiltlessness and Invulnerability

Nearly everyone on this planet believes the body represents their self, their identity, their goal, an “end” in itself. And they also believe this of others who appear in their life. All our special relationships are not with Souls but with “bodies” while we erroneously value the body as an end goal in itself; rather than as a means to awaken from the dream of fear and death. Unknowingly, the body was made as our replacement for God, for our Holy Self.

Aligning with the body’s True purpose is about re-assigning the body’s value to Spirit because of itself the body has no value. When we value the body for what it can give us (either pleasure or pain) we unknowingly condemn our self to suffering and death. To realize and live out from the body’s True purpose is to know our own and other’s complete guiltlessness.

When this state of undivided innocence becomes embodied, the body is recognized as completely neutral. It has no power of its own to get sick or to get well. It responds only to the healed mind and is under no laws but God’s. Now the body is made Holy and in its Holiness there is nothing it cannot do in the name of God’s Love and Laws.

Because all unconscious condemnation has been withdrawn from it, the body is now employed by Love to demonstrate the literal invulnerability of not only our own guiltlessness but also of the guiltlessness of everyone we encounter. The body becomes incorruptible until it has served its purpose and then it is gently laid aside in joy; although as Jesus says, it is not old, nor sick, nor hurt.

Jesus points out that when we see our self or another “as a body” we unknowingly attack them and our self. We separate from God’s Love and unintentionally invite the ego to attack in numerous forms. But what are some practical examples of how this occurs?

Following are a few common and often unquestioned ways in which we unknowingly attack (invite suffering). These are the ego’s means of using the body lovelessly which always increase unconscious guilt. Yet some of these actions are not only socially acceptable and encouraged, but thought to be loving and caring as well (ego’s version that is).

Using the body in a prideful way, i.e. using it:

to lure another body, to compare with another body, to appear more superior to another body, to appear inferior to another body, etc.

Using the body to prove to our self and others that they are the body and are therefore guilty. i.e. using it:

 to demonstrate that it can be victimized by pain, disease, aging, accidents, addiction, scarcity, etc., to worry about our own or another’s state of health, with magic to defend the body’s life mindlessly (without Spirit), for mindless (heartless) sex, to claim exclusive rights to someone’s body (as in the exclusive special love relationship), etc.

These few examples serve to reinforce the body’s reality as a separate wall of flesh; one that was born only to die. And to demonstrate that our imagined guilt which spawned the illusions of pain, sickness and death is real, more real than God’s Love as our Holy Self.

These are some of the ways we unintentionally reinforce the illusion of the body’s authority over that of our Holy Self. In other words, these are used to perpetuate the lie that the body and world appear to be more powerful than the mind that made them; that we are helpless victims of the body and world.

While none of these mis-creations are wrong in themselves, they do attract guilt; and that is why they deserve to be mindfully raised to the light of Spirit to be seen and exchanged for healed perception, for miracles instead. No guilt! There is to be no self-judgment about them as it’s always the ego that condemns.

At the time of writing this excerpt, I still take calcium supplements because my trust is not yet completely transferred to the Holy Self. I still wear glasses too! However I don’t judge myself for these. I know that Spirit has it covered!

My only responsibility is to “look” at my magic defenses with Spirit, to express my willingness to have my perception healed. Anything else I attempt to do, control, resist, or relinquish will come from fear. When it’s time to relinquish my magic, I will be directed by Love and not by fear. And this guidance will be unmistakable just as previous guidance has always demonstrated to me.

A significant component involved in the undoing of our belief in the body’s reality arises from the willingness to look at all the ways we use it to seek for pleasure and to escape from pain. Most of these decisions were previously made apart from the mindful presence of our Holy Self. As such they were made with the ego.

Undoing the reality and thus the seeming control the body exacts upon us comes from recognizing the body is not our responsibility – its God’s.

When we allow the ego to run the body not only do its choices incur guilt but they lead to death… literally. Remember the ego’s singular goal is to kill the body before we wake-up from it. As we release the ego’s obsession with the body, the Holy Self takes over and runs it perfectly. After all, the body resides in the mind. Its state is projected moment to moment either by the ego or the Right-Mind, the Holy Self.

When the Holy Self is invited to run the body then the decisions we make will come from Love and not from fear. The outcome of relinquishing the body’s purpose to God’s undivided Love is an experience of ever increasing joy and abundant miracles. I know that I am all in for this! Will you join me?  😉

The End of Death; A Manual for Holy Relationship

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