SURRENDER 3We will exhume, review and release our past. These are the ego’s beliefs, experiences and values, from birth to our current stage of development. We explore everything contained within our current life scenario (relationships, family dynamics, body, financial situation, living environment, etc) and review the beliefs and conditioning that manifested these.

Using the miraculous 7 Key Principles to revealing the Authentic Self, we will discover the real reason WHY we have experienced conflict, limitation and suffering in our body, our relationships and our life. Once we learn WHY these challenges have occurred, then trust in and gratitude for our Authentic Self (Spirit) is returned. Now forgiveness becomes simple and instant. This immediately opens us up to divine guidance and paves a clear path to re-align our Self with God’s abundance, Love, joy and health.

The primary and greatest block which prevents us from RECEIVING God’s unlimited abundance, is the unconscious belief that we are UNWORTHY. It is this feeling of worthlessness (false humility) that the ego uses as its best defense AGAINST realizing the magnitude of our True Identity. It is the ego’s defense against our receiving the certainty of God’s infinite Grace and Abundance.

We will look at the ego’s fundamental and unconscious goals (limitation, conflict, suffering, sickness, lack and death). And we recognize its stark contrast in relation to the Authentic Self’s goal (unlimited abundance, changeless Love, health, joy, purpose and life without opposite). From here, we will see just “why” we were so confused, and “why” life appeared to be so inconsistent. Through the unconscious self-saboteur (ego and its goals), we ARE confused and inconsistent.

A major theme in these 12 months of transformation is PURPOSE (TTC online Course). While our lives may seem to be filled with “activity, problem-solving, relating and responsibility”, if we’re to be radically honest, we will find that underneath it all lay a nagging sense of purposelessness.

The ego uses false responsibility, problem-solving, relating and busy-ness as distractions from recognizing our True Identity and living our True Purpose. The result of this inner conflict is a persistent sense of threat, sickness, pain and feelings of emptiness or meaninglessness.

We will learn to divinely re-purpose our life. This includes the body and our relationships.

These miraculous 7 Key Principles are crucial in order to initiate and sustain a profound shift in our perception, in our Purpose and subsequently, in our experience. When practiced consistently, they effect monumental healing in all aspects of our life. However, they must be learned and applied on a regular basis.

TTC 1Gathering with Mighty Companions every Week

Click here for the  TTC Global Groups. In our experience (Nouk and Daniel), the practice of reversing our thought system, is virtually impossible to achieve alone. This is why we need Mighty Companions with which to practice these paradigm-shifting principles.

It is vitally important that all participants join and collaborate every week at a set time/date via our “Online Zoom Meeting Room.” This essential connection is to ensure that everyone stays on track throughout the journey. This will enable our transformational “family” to stay connected and supported throughout this entire miraculous Total Transformational Course journey.

The intent behind our TTC regular “online” meetings is to offer a safe, Loving and supportive environment where we interact with a community of like-minded people who are equally committed to this magnificent shift from fear… to Love without opposite. These regular, transformational meetings encourage us to share our experiences and to learn from each other. They deliver abundant opportunities to see firsthand just how these miraculous principles work practically in our everyday lives.

We will all bring our own experiences together here. Our primary purpose is to consolidate our commitment to stay in vertical alignment (gratitude) with our Authentic Self regardless of ego temptations. In A Course in Miracles, this is the practice of being “vigilant ONLY for God.”

However this practice will make no sense until we have initiated the undoing of the ego’s concept of self and world (for newcomers, this involves viewing the previous Key Teachings via previously recorded TTC videos). Then, we wholeheartedly, joyfully recognize and gratefully ACCEPT that we are being vigilant for our Authentic Self…this is the Christ Self responsible for manifesting miracles.

In this period we will realize that it is a necessary commitment – to literally step into our God-given power to manifest limitless miracles in our lives. Together we consolidate our transfer of trust from the ego’s fear driven laws to the Christ Self’s Dominion over all. Can we possibly imagine the miracles that will come from our TTC journey together, from this open-hearted joining AS the one Christ? And can we possibly imagine the Holy Relationships that will form to bless us and the world?

Practical Details of the TTC

This is an “online” and highly interactive, Total Transformation Experience. It’s for those of us who are genuinely willing and ready to heal the fundamental CAUSE of pain, disease, relationship conflict, lack, depression, etc. In other words, this journey involves a radical reversal of the unconscious beliefs that have sabotaged every area of our lives.

It’s a bold commitment to being the embodiment of the Christ Self while still in a body. Heaven on Earth is right here now. We ARE miracle-workers. Are we ready to lift the illusory veil of unworthiness and suffering?

Are you in? If so, we look forward to joining you! – Nouk Sanchez & Daniel Boissevain.

TO REGISTER and for all info, please email Daniel: daniel@takemetotruth.org 

NOTE: This Course in offered BY DONATION (in line with what you feel you can afford). We cannot set a price on its profound value. Please join us if you feel inspired. Everyone is welcome regardless of their inability to donate 😉

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