Hello, fellow wanderers, my name is Tony,

Let me share a brief overview of my life and Journey to the Take Me To Truth community.

I entered this timeline in Scotland in 1956 then moved to England with my two younger brothers, our mom and dad. Later, we moved to Labrador in Canada for several years then on to Ontario. We were raised in the Roman Catholic faith by a very devout mother and a somewhat devout dad. They had an intensely argumentative relationship that included alcohol, verbal abuse, and some violence which I found difficult to understand in relation to the very strict religious rules we were tasked with upholding. Mom was very good at telling us what infractions were considered a sin, and most of them seemed to revolve around not doing what our parents wanted us to do. My brothers and I joked that when the Pope needed a new sin to be avoided, he would call my mother for ideas. All three of us were pressed into service as altar boys, which I guess achieved the goal of making us look like angels.

While attending high school, my best friend and I would talk about religion and God. I remember his mother having completely different views which my mother considered blasphemous. My friend and I later joined the local United Church choir because we enjoyed singing…and there were some really nice girls there.

My dad had some different ideas that my mother disagreed with. I remember him reading some pretty intense theological books whose ideas I found difficult to grasp and when he tried to explain them to me I got more confused. My dad wrote in a journal and occasionally wrote to the Pope. I do not think he ever received a reply.

Later in my teen years, my dad would attend church services of other denominations and religions. I would go with him sometimes because I was developing questions that I wanted answered and I wanted to be closer to my dad who often seemed very distant and lost in thought. I do remember him being interested in the Jesus People movement in the early 70’s and I attended some rallies with him to get to know some “Jesus People”, but it did not seem to carry much substance for me. I also remember attending some Catholic retreats that were named COR (Christ in Others Reunite) and this started opening my mind and heart to the idea and experience that there was more to religion than mere words and ceremony.

Once I finished High School, I left our small town and travelled north, attending college to study aircraft maintenance technology specializing in helicopters. I always had a keen interest in all things mechanical and I loved flying. After graduating a couple years later and travelling all over the country and abroad, I returned to flight school for commercial helicopter flight training and to this day I am still working in that business. For about 15 years after I started down the college path it seems I did not think about God or spirituality at all.

In the late 80’s I got married, started a family and had two sons and a daughter by 1991. As time went on with the seemingly ever-growing onslaught of problems in our community, with our parents’ health, our children’s safety and health, our own health, finances, global bad-news, political problems, work problems—and on and on—the question arose again “what about God?”

In the early 1990’s I became involved with the Worldwide Church of God founded by Herbert W. Armstrong. This was a Christian Church that also followed the Old Testament law such as keeping the seventh day Sabbath, not eating pork, tithing, days of unleavened bread, Passover, the annual Feast of Tabernacles, etc. There was much study of the Old Testament and the life of Jesus in the New Testament. It was very restrictive and did not emphasize that we could speak to God directly and receive guidance from the Holy Spirit personally or of the real power of Forgiveness.

At some point toward the end of the 1990’s through a home business venture I was considering, an associate suggested I read a book called The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn. I found it at the local library and read it. I became quite enthralled by the metaphysical teachings it contained. This was my first exposure to the idea that our own way of thinking is responsible for what happens to us even if it seems that someone else is at fault.

From there I explored other metaphysical teachers and enjoyed the writings of teachers like Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and David R. Hawkins. I first learned about A Course in Miracles from their writings and the recorded talks I listened to. Soon after, I became involved with the “new thought” movement and started attending the Unity Church in Hamilton, Ontario where the minister at that time often quoted from A Course in Miracles. I enjoyed her teaching very much. It was at this point I actually walked into a local bookstore and purchased a copy of the Course published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

As I started reading the Course on my own, I became frustrated and would put it down many times, returning to it later and starting over. I would attempt the workbook lessons and make it half-way through before becoming frustrated and putting it down again. I would then read a spiritual book by some other author who would inspire me to try again, and would get further along. I remember Ken Wapnick teaching that the Course was a self-study course not really meant for group study. Because of this I never really looked for a group that was studying the Course together. The first real breakthrough in understanding the Course came when, through the Unity Church, I was introduced to Gary Renard, author of The Disappearance of the Universe. This book really helped me understand what the Course was teaching about the power of forgiveness and how to do it. It was like the key to understanding the Course had been given to me. So, with that book as my guide, I was able to complete my reading of A Course in Miracles.

It was from one of Gary Renard’s newsletters that I learned about Nouk Sanchez and her earlier book Take me to Truth: Undoing the Ego which I purchased immediately and from which I benefited immensely. I found out about her Teleconference Calls (all done by telephone) and joined into her weekly calls, which I loved. Through her calls, I learned more on the power of true forgiveness and the power of a true spiritual perspective (from the Holy Spirit).

After participating in the life changing Total Transformation Course with Coreen Walson in 2017, as well as attending as many other Take Me to Truth course offerings as possible, I feel that I am home. With Jesus and A Course in Miracles as a foundation this is a real heart-based holy community dedicated to Truth, Love and the Peace of God. Heaven is here and available now and what we offer to each other in this community is totally inspired, spontaneous Love, Joy and Peace. We walk together in healing Holy relationship, and I am happy to stand with you as we grow and walk together into the Kingdom.

Love is all,

~ Tony