Portrait photo of Sandrina

Hello, I am Sandrina

I live in Holland with my husband. We have three adult children and six granddaughters. About five years ago – as a long-term student of ACIM – I thought I was doing fine and going in the right direction. But how shocked and pleasantly surprised I was in the years to come!

The Living Miracles community of David Hoffmeister came into my life, and I felt very inspired by the online teachings. Guidance was mentioned frequently and became a reality in my life when I felt strongly guided to do the six week ‘Mystery School’ in Mexico. It was an intense, beautiful, and totally out of my comfort zone experience! Coming home to Holland, I so much wanted to go deeper and had no idea how. And again, Holy Spirit guided me. This time a friend mentioned the Total Transformation Course. I felt drawn to do the TTC with Coreen, not knowing why. Coreen was raised in a Christian Science (CS) environment, and she combines ACIM with CS in her teachings, which was totally new for me. This was a second coming home after ACIM found me many years ago. They are like a marriage made in Heaven for me!

Although all the weekly topics in the TTC are very helpful, the 7 Keys to Authentic Communication became a great tool in my life. It is much more than a tool, it is a way of living and a gateway to awakening. Learning to be radically honest with myself and others, knowing all that happens in my life is only there to help me and to trust the process instead of trying to control it, gives me more than I could have wished for. After the TTC ended, Coreen invited us all to consider if we felt to become a facilitator of a TTC group. Nothing resonated in me at that time. Three months later – out of the blue – there was that thought: ‘Why not apply to be a facilitator?’ The call was clear from the first moment and – through experience – I trusted and followed. 

So now it is my great joy to invite you to join me and participate in the Total Transformation Course, what – I promise you – is really what it pretends to be! It is my intention to be there for you in any way that is helpful, as I know you will be there for me as well, just by being you! As ACIM teacher Gerry Jampolsky said: ‘The roles of student and teacher are interchangeable. They fluctuate from one to the other regardless of age or experience’.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

with love,