Portrait photo of Ruthann

In a good moment, we are Love itself. No past, present or future, only the Holy Instant, out of space and time. This indescribable Love is all our bios. Trusting this, you can see the paradox or conundrum of writing a bio, lol. Let me call this a history of the past that has brought me to this moment now. A long and winding road led me to Take Me to Truth and many teachers and studies related to why we are here and how to live our best life.

In the mid 90’s, with many of life’s traumas, my whole life crashed and at the same time so did my search to end the suffering and find happiness. My inner and outer world was viewed with a lot of pain and suffering, so much that I could barely cope. This began my journey and hope that there was another way. I very slowly and intuitively move toward teachings of Love and what the Course calls, the Real World. My flip from western culture and medicine, led me to the study of ACIM, Taoism, Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Buddhism, and a mix of spiritual teachings. All continue to teach me many truths around living life with peace, in union with what is eternal and dropping my illusions held around death.

There is only one Truth. How we get there is through our own unique filters and experiences, as we ease out of separation to glimpses of union. Life’s triggers come up and are met through the process as we go deeper and deeper. Not always as easy as it sounds, yet easier when joining with others. We are no longer alone! This is a process which involves the willingness and courage to be radically honest with, and accountable to, ourselves. While we share and listen with others, we realize we are all at times equally insane.

ACIM leads us toward sanity. I can’t express enough the value of getting out of the story and seeing the false beliefs that cause us so much suffering. None of what I based my life on was Truth. I defined myself by thoughts of the past and future and trying to make sense of the present, versus being in presence. This remains an ongoing work in progress. I am constantly learning to choose, “The Perfect Love that we are.” I invite you to join us in leaning toward Peace and Joy with a year in The Total Transformation Course or any offering at TMTT. “Whenever two or more of you are gathered in God’s Name, there is Love.”


Philadelphia, PA, USA