Rob Smeltekop

TTC Group Facilitator

Rob Smeltekop

The Holy Spirit says, with steadfast quietness:

The truth is true. Nothing else matters, nothing else is real, and everything beside it is not there. Let Me make the one distinction for you that you cannot make, but need to learn. Your faith in nothing is deceiving you. Offer your faith to Me, and I will place it gently in the Holy place where it belongs. You will find no deception there, but only the simple truth. And you will love it because you will understand it. (T-14.II.3)


Jesus tells us this is the fundamental teaching of ACIM and that “This is the hardest lesson you will ever learn and the only one. Simplicity is very difficult for the twisted mind” (T-14.II.2)


I’ve been an ACIM student going on four years and I am still learning everyday. I completed the TTC course which helped me grow tremendously in my faith and trust in the Holy Spirit and God. And the journey continues. I’m taking on this facilitator role to help others on their journey to discover the Holy Spirit, build their trust in God, and discover their True Self. Please join me for this year-long journey of discovery and enlightenment.