Portrait photo of Rachel

Hello, I am Rachel:

I have been a student of ACIM for many years. Although I have followed many other ACIM teachers there was something about Nouk’s teaching both in her books and videos that really spoke to my heart. So a number of years ago I followed my heart and joined many of the Take Me To Truth classes and book study groups. At the end of the first year I had a remarkable healing over a three month period. I went from being in a housebound state of chronic debilitating pain (and being on a long waiting list to see a surgeon) to a pain free life of walking eight kilometres a day, gardening and playing soccer with the grandkids. So when a TTC class was accepting students in the fall of that year, I jumped in with both feet. The step-by-step curriculum with diagrams, videos and homework really appealed to me. It was practical and I loved that and I felt safe and cared for in the group.

During that year I experienced miracle after miracle from healed relationships to more physical healings, and a state of happiness and peace I had never known before. This was the greatest journey of my life. That is why I decided to become a facilitator so that I may be a shepherd to others who are ready to take the inward journey to heal their minds.