Thanks for looking to connect

So glad you are here looking at this page. The Total Transformation Course (TTC) has truly transformed my life and if you join with us, I am sure it will yours too. Before I go into that, let me tell you a little about myself.

I was attracted to spirituality since a youth. Intensively meditating in my early twenties, I had something of a spiritual awakening. Suddenly the excessive death anxiety I had up to then ended. Becoming crystal clear this one I called Phil was just an illusory concept, was exciting, but finding anyone else with whom to share or support my understanding was not forthcoming. Nor perhaps more importantly did there seem anyone to me help move forward in knowing the depths of my true function.

Looking for more understanding impelled me into the study of and eventually to launch a career in behavioral mental health. Wanting to know all I could about the limits of the human experience/consciousness drew me to a wide and deep study of not only traditional behavior, life growth modalities and therapy skill development, but many of the alternative wholistic paths as well. Thus I gained a wholistic, but this world confidence becoming generally assured and feeling good about myself most of the time. I felt I could develop and implement a successful treatment plan for any emotional or behavior issue. In spite of this and being well thought of as a professional, there was niggling of a more substantial peace of God to be had.

Hitting what might be called a late midlife crisis and landing in 12 step recovery, I got my first real taste of experiential peace and began to feel the Love of God and others in a palpable way, but still there was no one who seemed to understand or encourage what I now would know to call a non dual awareness of the Oneness that answers all questions.

Oddly enough in a spiritually serendipitous way I was reminded at the end of a 12 step recovery meeting of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) which I had heard about, but never looked into. Pouring myself in to the Course, immediately it was apparent ACIM could supply the connection for which I had such a longing. Watching/listening to videos of every ACIM teacher to be located, I soon discovered Nouk Sanchez. Nouk’s teaching caught my heart. Shortly I found myself enrolled in the year-long Total Transformation Course/Community with Coreen Walson as the host/facilitator.

I must admit feeling some resistance to the weekly homework expected with the year long TTC, but I had learned –especially in recovery—such reluctance most often was a sign of what I really needed. So I persevered. Amber Spirit Horse and I joined in a Holy Relationship toward the end of that year and by that time, I was only too glad to go through the homework a second time co-facilitating Amber’s newly formed TTC group. I had really begun to integrate the seven keys to a holy relationship and the seven essential principles of quantum forgiveness, but I knew I needed more help in living them 24/7.

Amber and I started a Holy Relationship Group in the Fall of 2018 (announced each week on Miracle Bootcamp Sharing Facebook page and now also in FB Holy Relationship –Deeper Teachings). Although Amber I are usually together several months of the year. We live in two different countries and when in different countries join every day by zoom for 30 to 60 minutes. For the past year I have continued that group solo more as Holy Relationship Experience for anyone who wants to drop in. Friday’s 7:00 PM MDT.  Further I am available for one-on-one miracle sessions as well. Just Facebook message me (or email me at pldsan@hotmail.com) and we will go from there. 

In any case again so glad you are looking into the TMTT website and if you feel further led at all, pick a host and connect and the miracle will begin. The connection, support and community you are looking for can be found here. You will be on your way to experientially knowing your miracle function and knowing without a doubt you are the Love for which you are looking as the Holy Spirit helps you realize how you are expressing/extending it in all encounters.
Hoping to see you as part of our family soon.

Again contact me at pldsan@hotmail.com or on Facebook Messenger for any questions you might have.


Your brother Phil ?♥️?