Hello everyone.

We are all teachers and we are all students. Our lives are the demonstration of our desire for Love, Truth, Peace and Joy. Let us come together to share, to hold, to inspire, to witness, to fall, to be honest and to see we are all truly innocent, powerful and free. We bring our willingness, openness and vulnerability and all that is real in the moment to our joining and we celebrate and bask in the peace and joy that we feel in the remembrance of our true nature as innocence and love. In this remembrance anything is possible and you know that Love is real. You Know that it is this Love that is your sustenance and safety.

The first time I sat in circle with a group of women, with the intention to empty, I felt home. I realize now what felt so potent for me was the truth I felt in that relaxed, open and receptive state. It was pure communion. For me this was a return to the temple joined with my sisters. In A Course in Miracles Jesus refers to the relationship as the temple. It is in our joining that we get to experience our true nature with each other and as we see it in another it can only be reinforced in ourselves. This is exactly what I experienced over those many years in circle. If each one of these women are so unique and divine I must be to. It was tremendously healing for all. For many years I journeyed with women in the temple exploring the many facets of the divine feminine expression, the light and the shadow, thru archetypal work. The greatest gifts I received from this work was the ability to sit in emptiness to experience the fullness, to be receptive and allowing rather than striving and trying and to see the world and all things that show up symbolically. At the same time ACIM came into my life. It rung so true to me . It felt like all that I seemed to just know all laid out in words. The truth is my passion. It rings like a temple bell within my being. To live and have a direct experience of the truth is my life’s work.

The TTC was the answer to my prayer to really know and live the deeper teachings of Jesus. As Nouk and Daniel introduced the 7 key principles of the Holy relationship and asked us to start living from them, I knew why I was there. Radical self honesty was my leading edge and I knew in order for me to grow in knowing myself I had to really embrace and embody this one wholeheartedly. It was the key to my kingdom and it took me thru a death cycle, as a very fearful and limited self fell away. This was not free of a lot of discomfort and my life completely transformed but the miracles came in almost instantly to show me there is No Loss and All gain. Spirit led me into a life that now aligned with my heart. Being a part of the TTC group gave me the courage and faith to go thru this transformation. I felt held and supported in full trust. I am so grateful to this family and welcome you to join and experience for yourself being part of a family with the same intent, to know thyself as the extension of God’s Love.. holy and innocent.

Daily life is my Mystery school. The content is not hidden, it is what is real in every moment. This is where we begin. Let’s join and support each other in living the truth, being the demonstration and the wayshowers. This world needs our light, our Love and our faith.

You who show the way … I look forward to meeting you