TTC Group Facilitator

Hello, I am Mwanga,

I come to bring the light of which I sought to hide; No longer will I stifle it, succumbed to selfish pride

Years and years the books I’ve read has brought me to this place; In which I seek to know thy self and shine in its embrace

Mistakes were made, and many, and classified as “sin;” Not knowing that the love I craved was nestled from within

Finger pointing, self attack and judgment was the game; On the carousel of strife and swirling in its shame

Innocence desired, not knowing I was it; Nobility respectful cause appeared to lose its grip

Blocked by situations that called for inner peace; Groping in the shadows yet seeking its release

Seemingly I was accused, sentenced, and condemned; Serving time, but that’s the past. The past has met its end

Forgiveness is my function. The Course has told me so; Unveiling our true innocence when triggers tell me no

You’re stuck you guilty b–h. There’s nothing you can do; Yet trigger’s nuggets lit upon will always pull us through

Willingness as I allow the Spirit’s Light to shine; Accountable in all my ways forgiveness thus is mine

Radical self-honesty steady and beheld; Vulnerable transparency clear through illusion’s meld

Defenselessness for what’s not there – so what’s there to protect?  Above the seeming battlefield are my repurposed steps

Trust is so required. So timidly I reach; To find Love, Peace and Comfort and guaranteed release

How freeing is this process, you are not alone; We Blaze in Glorious Gratitude, our Truth for Us to Own!