TTC Group Facilitator

Miki Kersgard

Welcome brothers and sisters who are on this wonderful path! And, no matter where you are in your ACIM studies, thank you for your willingness to journey deeper into wholeness. We are all together in this thing we call “life” and are constantly helping each other grow and learn.

I joined my initial Total Transformation Course (TTC) group in 2017, and what an incredible adventure it’s been! To this day I still meet regularly with mighty companions and miracle buddies whom I met that first year. I’ve had the honor to watch my companions grow, change and awaken on this path and I am excited to see how we can all grow as we each teach and learn together starting in the new year.

I’ve been a spiritual seeker since my youth when I started exploring the religions of my friends and neighbors who had more spiritual involvement than my non-practicing family. My mother, with her Jewish background though, was quite taken aback when I expressed an interest in attending the local Catholic school. I quizzed my friends about the nuns, the prayers, Jesus and anything else they could tell me about that “exotic” religion.

As an adult, I went on to read about many more philosophies—Hindu, Bahai, Buddhist, Advaita-Vedanta, Wicca, Unity, and more. They all advanced me on my path but none of them rang out as “Truth” as much as A Course in Miracles did when I started studying it in earnest. ACIM is the only text that, for me, has fully addressed my questions about the nature of God; the Christ Mind; our oneness; what true guilt, innocence and forgiveness are and the roles defenselessness and surrender play in awakening to our true nature.

Please join me—if Spirit leads—in this year-long adventure of awakening to the Truth we all are. The TTC is a profound journey into the Self and I look forward to seeing how each session advances our awareness.