Marcy Hauer & Lisa Elgabrowny

TTC Group Facilitators

Hello Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am so happy to connect with you. We, together, were created by Holiness Itself. And we are meant to live from this Holiness in relationship to ourselves, each other, our bodies, and everything in this world. No separation between us and therefore no fear of anyone or anything!

Because of What we truly are, because of What we come from, we all desire holy connection and communication, peace, joy and abundance in all facets of our life; and reliance on a Guidance system that knows us intimately and guides us lovingly and certainly. In the spirit of this I would love to join with you to open to our inherent Real/Holy Self and all the implications of That!

In TTC we come together in this humble and courageous pursuit. We question all of our beliefs, judgments, values and feelings. We take the plunge to participate in holy communication with ourselves and each other via the 7 Key Principles: willingness, accountability, defenselessness, radical self-honesty, vulnerability and transparency, trust and gratitude.Through our daily practice of authentic communication and forgiveness/Atonement we are liberated from all that binds us to suffering. We are beings of Love and our purpose is to live from and extend this Love! Only this will bring us total peace and joy.

ACIM came into my life in 1991 shortly after my desperate plea to God (“if He was really out there and could hear me this would be a really good time to show up”) to help me find another way to live as my way did not work. I could no longer live with the excruciating pain of chronic severe anxiety, panic attacks, debilitating fears and depression that held me captive. I knew right from the start ACIM was what I was looking for and slowly very slowly I healed. It wasn’t until I came across Nouk’s books, Take Me To Truth and then The End of Death and attended a couple of Nouk’s workshops that my healing sped up.
Healing greatly accelerated from there by joining TTC. The TTC journey is a very powerful journey of freedom as we return to the shared One Holy Self. For myself, these past 2 1/2 yrs of the TTC journey have been the most miraculous and healing time of my life. One particular big challenge I had in TTC was the immense fear of being in a group and joining live online. It is the great fear of being seen and judged. I am finding this is a shabby belief that keeps me small and lifeless.

The ego is more fully exposed in a group setting and it cannot survive in a group where the intent is to close the gap and return to sanity. The ego is a loveless thought system sustained by fear. It is by the powerful joining of mighty companions that our fears crumble and we are healed together. And by joining together in Absolute Truth and Perfect Love our healing is collectively greatly accelerated and our path is simplified.

My gratitude runs deep for Nouk and Daniel and Nouk’s deeper teachings, Daniel’s vision of TTC and and the abiding love and support of everyone in TTC and beyond. Everyone we encounter and everything we experience is an opportunity to heal, to be restored to our shared Holiness.

Please sincerely consider this transformational journey and please do not let fear stop you!

Lisa and I together with Holy Spirit will host our group. As miracle buddies from the start we have experienced many miracles together. We aim to go all the way, both feet in one canoe as Nouk and Tomas would say! We would love to join with you in this holy journey.


Big Love, Marcy

Hi, my name is Lisa and I’d like to share an important part of my journey with you. Hopefully, this may be helpful to you as well. In 2014 I was diagnosed with progressive Multiple Sclerosis, which is a disease that affects the nerves throughout the body, with a slowly progressive worsening of physical symptoms until one becomes unable to move and then the body stops functioning completely and dies.

With such a diagnosis one might expect that I would be depressed; with nothing to look forward to except certain death. But thankfully my outlook is quite the opposite! I’m not depressed at all and I’m looking forward to and presently experiencing the best time of my life!

I had begun studying “A Course in Miracles” a few years before I was diagnosed, so this seeming disease didn’t have any effect on my choice for this path.

So I was completely overjoyed to discover that the answer to my situation could be found within the Course and in “The End of Death” trilogy, the deeper teachings of the Course. And it’s not about healing the body like one might assume. It’s about healing the fundamental cause of all pain and illness – our unconscious deep sense of guilt and fear in our mind. Once we truly commit to heal this as the only source of sickness then the body automatically follows.

I’m not saying that I understand everything about these teachings completely, because at this stage my physical senses still report that physical healing hasn’t happened as yet. However, despite “appearances” at least now I DO have the certainty that healing will soon become evident. I’m also learning not to trust what the body’s senses are reporting to me, even though it may seem very real. Not just about what they are reporting to me about my body, but also about others and the world as it is appearing too. And there is so much more that I would love to share with you about this, and I will in our TTC classes! 🙂

Valuable online Classes with Like-Minded Companions

These life-changing online TTC classes will include weekly videos which consist of Nouk with Coreen Walson presenting these miraculous teachings (and occasionally Nouk with Daniel). You will preview the specific teaching video each week and then we will join “live” together on Zoom afterward to discuss our insights, experiences and questions.

And you will find that the other members in our group will soon become like a family, because you’ll be able to share your experiences with them in a way that can’t be done with others who are not on this path.

You’ll also find a very loving, open and trusting environment, one where all of us can and do learn from each other.

These classes are filled with very practical examples of healing, most of which come from Nouk’s (with Coreen and Daniel’s) own experience and from the trilogy, The End of Death; and from the Course itself.

The title from Nouk’s book,THE END OF DEATH is actually literal. And this also means the end of suffering in all its forms! Which includes any kind of suffering, pain, lack, conflict, illness, disease, and even the slightest irritation is a form of death. So can you imagine being free from all of this? Sounds like heaven, the Real World and the Happy Dream to me!

And I am also so very deeply grateful for these teachings and to Nouk, Coreen and Daniel, because if I hadn’t found them along with the TTC, I would not have the certainty of outcome and happiness for my life that I now have.

And finally, if you resonate with this… then I’d love for you to give us a try. Marcy (my miracle buddy) and I are excited to be hosting this group together. I feel that all of us will learn from each other too. This is a year long journey, and it’s up to you how long you continue with us – there is never any pressure if you decide to change your mind. You can even try out a class or two and see if this is a right fit for you. I am still constantly learning, and I am so happy to share all of this with you.

It is said in the Course that we are never healed alone, and I would so much love to bring you along with us on this journey of healing. Together we are the Christ, the one most worthy Child of God, and even though we haven’t met yet, I love all of you as the ONE that we are.