Facilitator of:

Holy Relationship Journey

The Presence Process

Daily Workbook Lesson Review Sessions


I am so happy you are here. I am so happy I am here. Here you and I get to meet and to          join as mighty companions. As there are no accidents, I trust all who come are sent by           Spirit for mutual healing in oneness. For me, it has been many years of mind training, forgiveness, stillness, mystical experiences, miracles, synchronicities and following the small still Voice inside – as well as the louder Voice of God, heard in the many symbols of the world, thru animals, images, emails, songs, brothers…All these have served to greatly increase my Trust and bring me to this point. Our joining will provide a place where we can come to share and experience the deeper teachings of Jesus, through Nouk’s work. I have facilitated two, year-long Total Transformation Course cycles, collaborated in the creation of the course for the TTC, and am now happy to be offering to facilitate a year-long journey with Nouk’s latest book,A Manual for Holy Relationship and on February 16, 2022 I will be co-facilitating a book study of The Presence Process.  Thank you for joining with me, and for the peace and joy that will be felt throughout the Sonship in our shared purpose.

Love, Nicola