Coreen Walson holding a lamb in her arms.

Hello Everyone.

I am here to help facilitate Take Me to Truth’s mission to offer the deeper teachings of Jesus through A Course in Miracles. As a devoted student and teacher of A Course in Miracles as well as a lifetime Christian Scientist, I have found that these two spiritual paths beautifully compliment one another, each bringing to the other a fuller opportunity for understanding.

Having been raised in a family of Christian Scientists, relying on God for all our spiritual and physical needs was natural and normal. Early in my life I was taught in Sunday School that I am a spiritual idea in the Mind of God and, therefore, reflect or express all of God’s qualities. As I became a teenager I still had many unanswered questions about the world and what the point was of being here on earth in a body. It wasn’t until I began studying A Course in Miracles that the entire picture became clearer for me.

While participating in group discussions, I discovered that many Course students believed that healing the body was not to be expected and that Jesus’ teachings were metaphorical, not literal. I wanted to yell from the rooftops, “It’s true! Literal healing, even instantaneous healing is not only possible, but natural!” As I delved more deeply into the Course, I recognized that our relationships with our brothers are the key to awakening from the dream of separation. Many Christian Scientists, though, have a private walk with God and miss the pivotal teaching that in seeing our brother’s innocence we recognize our own.

I am overjoyed to bring these teachings to our community as an opportunity to see healing from both ACIM and Christian Science perspectives. I anticipate some very thought-provoking and healing discussions as well as literal healings resulting from our readings.

The Hallway

The Hallway is a vision I received back in 2005. It has been very helpful not only as a visual aid in learning about the important difference between”sympathy” and “compassion”, but is a blueprint of the journey of awakening. For those who find visuals helpful, this is full of holographic symbolism that reveals more every time you read it. From my heart to yours.