Cheryll Boissevain

TTC Group Facilitator

Beau Baker

My name is Cheryll Boissevain and I live in Northern Australia near Cairns. My age is 68 and I am devoted on all levels to the journey of deepening my love of ACIM and to move all the blocks that are preventing me from knowing who I really Am.

I was introduced to ACIM in the early 1990’s and initially had heaps of resistance to the teachings. I have put the book down many times and not understood most of it for many years.

It – The Holy Spirit- has called me back again and again and I attended the first TTC ( My brother is Daniel) and Nouk introducing the early rendition of the 7 keys and the teachings that since then have very much been polished and updated.

I am excited to be co-hosting with Sandy in the TTC starting in May 2022 and look forward to introducing these amazing teachings to folk in Australia and New Zealand as well as countries in that vicinity.

Blessings to you.