Portrait photo of Catherine

Greetings! Bonjour!

After an inner experience which redirected my steps over three decades ago, my focus has been to walk along a path of un-doing and inner transformation, while trusting that what that experience had pointed to was the road home to freedom (union and innocence). I’d felt that this new trajectory which I’d embarked on was at the center of my heart’s longing, and I was willing to walk it, while, in retrospect, it would have meant falling to my knees countless times.

Along the way, I explored various spiritual traditions and modalities, while remaining focused on the inner desire of the heart and mind to be ‘free’, and to ‘Know my Self as God Knows me’.

In 2006, I was introduced to ACIM. It was then that I released a big sigh of relief. At last! I was handed the piece of the puzzle that I’d been looking for. There it was! The cause of all suffering …. the mind seemed to be split and was projecting and identifying with a ‘mistaken false self’, formed out of a ‘belief in separation’, and fueled by judgment and unconscious guilt. And herein lies the distortion and incongruency! This explained and brought into context many things for me. Gratitude overflowed. The more I immersed myself into ACIM, the more clarity I received. I understood that correction (atonement) was needed in the mind, to allow the Mind of Christ that is within each being to bring us into the clear seeing of our original state of union and holiness. In the following years, with God’s grace and the loving guidance of the Holy Spirit leading the way, I proceeded to observe and to feel into much of the unconscious coming up to the light, revealing the egoic projections, mechanisms and patterns of fear and resistance (to LOVE) that was operating in the ‘split off’ part of the mind. Quantum forgiveness as shown in ACIM became the gateway to freedom.

Fast forward to today, I am filled with gratitude for this Take Me to Truth Community and for having been welcomed into it. The year-long TTC Program in which I participated allowed me to move into deeper trust, to practice the seven keys to authentic relating, and to be receptive to the voice for GOD.

Our experience throughout the TTC year expanded our minds and hearts. What a joy to walk with sisters and brothers, and to witness Love and grace in action within each one. As we support one another through tears, laughter, aha moments, joint Holy Instants, inquiry, forgiveness, and miracles, we see fears, resistance, burdens and beliefs fall away. The shift of the pendulum moving from fear to trust becomes palpable. Each one of us is offered the space to naturally open to the LOVE that we are.

Now, I feel moved to joyfully extend to you the invitation to participate in an upcoming TTC Program. Together, we will allow Jesus and the Holy Spirit to be our guide, teacher, and comforter. In Their Loving and Wise Company, we will witness the gradual ‘undoing’ and dissolution of the ‘mistaken identity’ as we recognize and embrace our pure, whole, innocent, changeless, divine Self.

In my experience, the greatest adventure of all adventures is the inner adventure that brings us home to ourselves and to each other, inclusively.

Do you feel called to join me on this adventure? I’d be honored to walk alongside you, beloved sisters and brothers.

Please listen to the whisper of your heart.

If you feel that it would be helpful to meet me to facilitate your decision to enroll in the TTC, feel free to contact me at the email address below.

Note for French-speaking beings who may be more at ease communicating in French:   

If you are feeling moved to come into a deeper knowing of yourSelf through the teachings of Jesus in ACIM, I’m also available for support and individual guidance.

You may reach me at cercle333@gmail.com

With Peace, Love and Gratitude


Toronto, Ontario, Canada