Beau Baker

TTC Group Facilitator

Beau Baker

Hello brothers and sisters: How honored I am that we get to journey together..

Like you, I’m a limitless Being dreaming in spiritual amnesia as a Body identity. After a number of years on a path of spiritual study with many seeming surrenders, A Course in Miracles made its way into my life 13 years ago. All things changed at that moment.

I’ve always felt a strong call to serve and be truly useful. The Course says “give all to have all!” It says that “giving is receiving”. And without sharing the miracle with our brothers and sisters we can’t know and remember the miracle we are. I don’t profess to be any further along than anyone else. I’m facilitating TTC to assist Spirit in helping You remember what You do know, will always know, and have always known, but have seemingly forgotten. But I can’t remember without you. I’m here to remember with you, our shared Holy Self.

A little over a year ago I had just kicked up some, let’s call it, deeper intense hurt and unhealed stuff. I was struggling. Sober 17 years. A Masters in Spiritual Psychology. Yet I hadn’t spoken to my father in almost two years and the guilt and emotional weight were inducing a feeling of hopelessness. I had read Nouk’s book, ‘Take me to Truth’ 12 years earlier but had never seen a video or picture of her. Amid this dark night of the soul, I googled something and there was a YouTube video of Nouk and Coreen. I felt a deep resonance with Coreen and decided to schedule a meeting with her. By the end of our call, she felt guided to offer me direction that I was in dire need of, a consistent Course community. This resonated instantly.

I immediately started attending Coreen’s biweekly zoom group in ‘Anchoring the Course’. I also enrolled in Rachel’s TTC class. Throughout many years of this dreamlife the ego had convinced me to protect myself from true intimacy with the world and others by playing small. It used avoidance and isolation disguised as spiritual solitude to keep me in a prison of my own unhealed guilt and shame. It was a crafty way to keep me continuing to project ‘out there’ what I didn’t know remained unhealed inside. I never realized the sensation of anger and hurt directed at you was really my own anger and hurt, by way of self-judgment, because I didn’t know how to be in Love with you. What I thought I was right about in you was the very thing keeping my perceived experience of separation and differences going with you.

I will say that in the year of being in TTC the healing and transformation I’ve experienced has been profound. The accelerated integration of past learnings has been joyous to say the least. I don’t profess to be awakened or liberated. I do profess that I AM the Christ. I Am the Holy Son of God. I humbly bow to The Great Love in Me as me and say, Yes! I choose to be restored to this glorious Unified Identity with you. I am more open and honest with all my actions with others than I’ve ever been. I am honoring and trusting the wisdom of my heart, fearlessly sharing the holiness and original innocence of who We are. Jesus said to Peter who was fishing for fish, “Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men!” I choose to follow our divine equal brother, Jesus with you. Together, let’s accept being restored to the divine fisherman we All Are with the Holy Spirit in charge. I look forward to being in community with you soon. Stay blessed!