The Next Level of Trust – with Phil



* except the 1st Saturday of each month


9:00am MDT

15:00 UTC


The Next Level of Trust sessions are a place of continued gathering of those who have graduated from the Total Transformation Course and long to continue both the joining and the sharing of what it is like to let go of all stories and instead embody the Light that we are. It is here that we hold space for one another in total trust that the Holy Spirit, our right Mind, is speaking through each and every one of us, and we are all Teacher and Student. In our sharing of our revelations, our demonstrations and testimonies of healing, we anchor the Truth ever more deeply, along with allowing the Love we share to grow into such proportions that bodies and stories and all remnants of separation simply dissolve into the memory of the One shared Holy Self we are. We welcome you with open arms and look forward to continuing the journey Home with you here.

This weekly joining is open to TTC Graduates only.  To enroll, contact truth@takemetotruth.org

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